Which UK Online Portal Startups Are Revolutionising the Tech Industry?

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Welcome to an exploration of some of the most intriguing online portals startups in the United Kingdom. We’ll take a deep dive into 15 different startups, covering a broad range of sectors including consultation, digital marketing, online education, social networking, real estate, digital media, food delivery, accounting services, healthcare, and more. Let’s explore how these startups are using the power of online portals to disrupt traditional industries and provide innovative solutions for customers.


Wherecani.live is an online portal startup that makes immigration much simpler for people. This platform allows users to search thousands of immigration rules in seconds to discover where they could potentially live. The idea was conceived by an international team working in the consulting, internet, online portals, and professional services industry.


Founded by Paul Querol and Sebastian Harterink, Weissman is a full-service digital agency. They operate in various spheres such as advertising, digital marketing, digital media, Internet of Things, marketing, and online portals. They combine creativity and technology to deliver innovative digital solutions for their clients.

Co-Founders Club

Co-Founders Club, led by Tom Steck, is a unique startup that focuses on matching co-founders during the collaborative learning process. They operate in the collaboration, e-learning, online portals, and professional networking sectors.


A novel concept, Ripplear is an open-world network that provides a platform for people to create a ripple effect with their thoughts and monetize them. It’s a versatile enterprise operating in the online portals, social media, and social network industries.

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Dr Ace Vinayak, Oliver Markham, and Paul Bennett’s brainchild, PerchPeek uses AI to guide people through every stage of their relocation. They operate in various sectors including Artificial Intelligence, Building Material, Internet, Online Portals, Real Estate, Rental Property, and Software.


UnHerd is an online magazine that offers news and opinions on politics, culture, and global affairs. It’s yet another excellent example of a UK startup that operates in the digital media, news, and online portals sphere.

Top Taste

Top Taste is an online platform that lets users order delicious food at affordable prices. They have made a name for themselves in the e-commerce, food and beverage, food delivery, online portals, and snack food industry.


Andy Dean’s initiative, Kompare, is an online portal that provides instant motor trade, taxi insurance via an online application. It caters to the auto insurance, financial services, online portals, and professional services industries.

Seba Trade

Seba Trade is a UK based online food trading company. Operating in the grocery, online portals, retail, sales, and trading platform industries, the startup offers a unique solution to merchants and consumers alike.


Founded by Kieran Fitzsimons, AccountingHub.io is an accountancy practice management software provider. They offer a broad range of services including CRM, document management, e-signature, online portals, SaaS, software, task management, and web development.


Plumm, founded by Asim Amin, offers 1:1 online therapy session and courses with certified and experienced mental health therapists. It is an innovative healthcare startup operating in the health care, internet, mHealth, online portals, video, and wellness sectors.

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DeveloperHub.io, led by Zaid Daba’een, is a platform designed to help create powerful, beautiful developer hubs with ease. The startup operates in the developer tools, online portals, and SaaS industries.


James Powell, Julian Bourne, and Matt Pritchard’s initiative, Sellar, changes the trade ordering experience for breweries selling beer directly to trade customers. It operates in the brewing, craft beer, hospitality, online portals, supply chain management, trading platform, and web apps sectors.

Work Simplr

Work Simplr focuses on creating, sourcing, and managing virtual collaboration and co-working platforms. Their aim is to enhance the student experience, and they operate in the management consulting, online portals, software, and virtual assistant industries.

Roseway Labs

Roseway Labs is a pharmaceutical company that helps patients to access vitamins, prescription, and compounded medicines for wellness. They are in the health care, medical, and online portals industry.

Each of these startups exhibits an innovative approach to using online portals to disrupt traditional industries. It’s clear that the online portal industry in the UK is diverse and full of potential, and we look forward to seeing the strides these companies make in the coming years.

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