Who Are London’s Most Influential Fashion Startups In 2023?

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With the rise and advancements of technology and digital presence, various startups and companies are exploring innovative ways to shape the fashion industry. Offering a diverse range of services from e-commerce to AI-backed solutions, these startups are not just reinventing fashion, they are also addressing sustainability concerns and boosting customer convenience. In this article, we showcase 15 fashion startups and companies that are making a mark from the heart of the fashion capital, London.

These companies offer a variety of services and solutions, ranging from fashion eco-commerce brands that promote sustainability to innovative platforms connecting manufacturers and brands. They also include bespoke apparel brands, luxury goods providers, and technological solutions that streamline post-purchase experiences for customers. What all of them have in common is that they are all based in London and are pioneering in introducing innovative solutions in the Fashion Industry.

While most of them position themselves as top-notch online fashion retailers, some play the dual role as solution providers, aiding other e-commerce businesses in matters such as reducing returns, improving delivery experience or advancing ecommerce customisation technology. For the love of fashion and innovative solutions, let’s dive into knowing more about these dynamic startups.


SWEDISH FALL is a fashion brand designed to combat fashion waste. Co-founded by Jonas Detlefsen, Lara Stallbaum, & Marius Krüger, it transforms its consumers into recyclers, contributing to a more sustainable world while ensuring elegance and style.

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Positioned as a multimedia company that is revolutionizing the global design scene, OPUMO is an innovative blend of e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle startup co-founded by Harry Beattie and Nick Ayoub.

Niccolò P.

Niccolò P. is a high-end, sustainable, direct-to-consumer luxury polo shirt brand founded by Pascal Keane. Its unique selling point lies in its ethical production mode, using the finest natural materials, making it stand out in the men’s fashion space.


Measmerize is a SaaS provider offering solutions designed to minimize returns and increase sales in fashion e-commerce by leveraging artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning.


In a bid to facilitate collaborations between brands and manufacturers, Sewport, founded by Boris Hodakel, has emerged as a SaaS platform offering high-quality resources for e-commerce, fashion, and retail businesses.

Bernard London

For those with an affinity for style and class, Bernard London, founded by Dean Bernard, offers a range of premium watches making it a prominent player in the retail and jewelry space.

City Surfer

City Surfer, co-founded by Christopher Roach, serves as a comprehensive, user-friendly app that amalgamates services ranging from fashion, food, and hospitality with the latest trends and updates.

Blonde gone rogue

Blonde gone rogue, the stylish brainchild of co-founders Denitsa Damyanova & Gergana Damyanova, offers chic collections for men and women, redefining fashion e-commerce and retail.


Carryr comes as a breath of fresh air, offering the next-gen delivery experience to e-commerce brands. The brainchild of Chris Jordan and Mike Zhang, it provides quick 90-min delivery or time-allocated deliveries enhancing user convenience and shopping experience.

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Save Your Wardrobe

Save Your Wardrobe streamlines the post-purchase experience for customers offering digital wardrobes and care/repair services. Cofounders, Hasna Kourda and Mehdi Doghri, have used technology to create a circular digital platform highlighting sustainability in the fashion industry.

Jennis & Warmann

For the lovers of all things unique and fine, Jennis & Warmann offers bespoke British Tweed suits with a modern slim fit and made-to-measure jackets, revolutionizing men’s fashion.

Osman Perfect 5 Limited

Amalgamating luxury with fashion, Osman Perfect 5 Limited is an upscale atelier making a mark in the fashion and lifestyle sphere with their high-end designs.


Loukiya has emerged as a one-stop solution for traditional Indian attire and jewelry. Since 2016, it has provided a unique connection to the rich Indian culture through its fashion platform.


Making a stride in the shoe industry, Shoesie, co-founded by Simeon Bird, is helping footwear brands by providing ecommerce customisation technology to elevate user experience in purchasing shoes.

eMalls U.K

Last but not least, eMalls U.K, under the leadership of Ali Usman, has emerged as a comprehensive solution for consumers offering an array of categories from electronics to fashion and home decor. They live up to their motto of ‘Everything for Everyone.’

The Fashion scene in London is witnessing a wave of innovation and technology with these startups working relentlessly to offer amazing solutions and style for customers. Easy delivery, sustainable production, customizable tech experiences, and superlative designs- these startups got ’em all!

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