Which Oxfordshire Tech Startups are Revolutionising the UK’s IT Sector?

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In the heart of Oxfordshire, a technological revolution is taking place. The city of Oxford, already renowned for its prestigious university, is starting to establish itself as a burgeoning hub for innovative technology start-ups. This article will shed a light on the hottest and most exciting information technology startups cropping up in this vibrant and dynamic part of the United Kingdom.

Helping to drive the country’s economy forward, these companies are colliding groundbreaking technology with visionary entrepreneurialism. From blockchain to artificial intelligence, music to healthcare, these start-ups are disrupting traditional industries and paving the way for the future. Here are 15 of the most innovative technology start-ups making waves in Oxford today.

Leveraging the power of pioneering technologies, these startups deliver everything from training tools for machine learning to platforms that streamline electronic music promotion. Let’s delve into the world of Oxford’s IT startups scene!


Founded by Freddy Elturk, Vizidox is a Provenance-as-a-Service company that uses blockchain technology to build a more efficient, transparent, and trusted world for individuals, organizations, and governments. Its core sectors include Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology, and Software


A community-focused initiative, OpenMined, led by Andrew Trask, is developing open-source technology for the decentralized ownership of data and intelligence. Its main focus is on analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and information technology.

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Training Mule

Looking to advance machine learning, Training Mule has developed a tool for the easy and collaborative creation of large data sets. They fit into the artificial intelligence, education, and information technology industries.

Sore Thumb Media

Sore Thumb Media is an electronic music promotional platform that enables artists to stream and download electronic music. The company also operates in the IT, news, and social media space.

1715 Labs

1715Labs, established by Sophie Hackford, is seeking to commercialise Zooniverse technology and branch out into new areas of IT.


With a vision of making learning easier for everyone, Edplus was founded by Toby Staveley. It belongs to the EdTech, education, gaming, IT, and mobile apps industries.

Cognitant Group Ltd

Cognitant Group Ltd is a health technology start-up co-founded by Daisy Allington, Juhi Tandon, and Rick Knowles with the motto, “Bringing good health within reach”. Their industry is a blend of Fitness, Healthcare, and Information Technology.


Melu was founded by Lee Rennie and offers 24/7 live chat services for businesses across various industries. Its operations span the Contact Management, IT, Internet, Lead Generation, and Software sectors.

Foresight Works

Atif Ansar’s brainchild, Foresight Works, is a company dedicated to amplifying organizations’ ability to manage and execute complicated projects. They specialise in analytics, IT, and software.

Living Optics

Living Optics is breaking the barriers of hyperspectral imagery with a pioneering technology that captures data inaccessible to the human eye and conventional cameras and delivers information in an affordable and portable high-volume camera solution for diverse industrial and consumer applications.

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OX. Digital Health

OX. Digital Health is a software-based healthcare firm that delivers an open API platform integrated across medical pathways. Their focus is on health care, IT, and software.


VSR2 LIMITED creates call recording and reporting tools as well as wallboard software and other products. The company stand in the IT and software sectors.

Oxford Ionics

Co-founded by Chris Ballance and Tom Harty, Oxford Ionics is a quantum computing start-up that provides innovations for the development of accurate and dependable quantum computers. They are part of the electronics, IT, and quantum computing industries.

After Cloud

Providing software as a service (SaaS), After Cloud bridges the digital divide between life and legacy with its unique apps. They function in the IT and software realms.

Salience Labs

As a collaboration between Harish Bhaskaran, Johannes Feldmann, and Vaysh Kewada, Salience Labs is creating a hybrid photonic-electronic chip for AI. The start-up operates in the artificial intelligence, IT, machine learning, sensor, and software sectors.

In summary, this exciting group of start-ups in Oxford are harnessing information technology to drive innovation across a broad spectrum of fields, shaping a better future with their ingenuity and pioneering spirit.

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