Who Are the Most Influential Startups in the UK?

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In the heart of the UK’s burgeoning tech sector, a new wave of startups are transforming the way businesses manage their IT infrastructures. These Cloud Infrastructure companies are leveraging the latest innovations in cloud computing technology to provide scalable, secure and cost-effective solutions to organisations of all sizes. In this feature, we’ll showcase 15 of the most promising of these startups and delve into what sets them apart in this rapidly evolving field.

From managed IT services to advanced data analytics, the capabilities of these companies are as diverse as they are innovative. Each of them is riding the wave of digital transformation that is reshaping every sector of the economy, providing the tools and technologies that businesses need to keep pace in an increasingly digitised world.

These startups are not only changing the landscape of UK technology, but also paving the way for the future of global cloud infrastructure. So, let’s shine a light on these trailblazing companies and explore how they’re making their mark in this dynamic industry.

Crydent | Cloud and Support Solutions

Crydent is an IT solutions and services provider based in the UK. The company offers 24/7 IT support, managed services, and cloud solutions to businesses across the country. Founded by Cameron Willer, Crydent specialises in Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, and Network Security, among other areas.

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Founded by Stijn Duynslaeger, Echron is a software and e-commerce consultancy that offers a range of services in Cloud Infrastructure, E-commerce, Web Development and more.

Ayo Telecom

Ayo Telecom is a Telecommunications Provider & Internet Service Provider with a strong focus on Cloud Infrastructure and Network Security. The startup, founded by Tom M., is also known for its prowess in Assistive Technology and Internet of Things.


In the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space, there’s Molinto. Run by founder Sharry Stowell, Molinto offers a range of design & development services integrated with cloud infrastructure.

Ixnium Technologies

Ixnium Technologies, under the leadership of Doruk Alp Ülgen, provides its infrastructure for Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Cudo Ventures

Cudo Ventures is a provider of sustainable cloud computing and Tech4Good monetisation software live in over 145 countries. Created by Matt Hawkins, it has a thriving presence in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Mining sectors.


Firemind is an AWS Advanced Partner specialising in professional cloud services, AWS strategy, data/analytics projects and AI/ML innovation. Founded by Ahmed Nuaman and Charlie Hudson, it offers comprehensive Cloud Data Services and Cloud Storage services.

Data Venture Solutions

Data Venture Solutions offers advisory and solution development services for developing Cloud, Big data analytics, applications, and more.


Unubo, founded by Leandro T and Marcel Thomas, simplifies the process of Cloud deployments.

Trehane Technology Co.

Trehane Tech is a managed IT and Cloud solutions provider based in Hampshire. Founded by Oscar Trehane, the company has a strong presence in Cloud Computing, Telecommunications, and the Internet of Things.

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NTT specializes in telecommunication, cybersecurity, cloud, and ICT services and is known for its innovative research & development services.

THETA Trading Systems

THETA Trading Systems, founded by Abdullah Hiyatt and Paul Wallace, is a London-based FinTech leader in the Capital Markets with a focus on Cloud Infrastructure, Asset Management, and Trading Platforms.


RCL offers a wide array of services spanning from software development to cloud infrastructure, and even SEO and social media marketing services.


Cookdown is a company specialising in Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Computing services for internet and software development.

CD Cloud Logix

CD Cloud Logix, under the guidance of Olivier Butterbach, is a noted DevOps, Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity Agency with services stretching across Cloud Security, Cyber Security, and Software domains.

The startups mentioned above are forging their paths in their respective technologies, pushing the boundaries, and redefining the Cloud Infrastructure landscape in the UK. It’s an exciting time to watch these companies grow as they continue to shape our digital future.

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