Who Are London’s Top SEO Startups Shaping UK’s Digital Landscape?

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Welcome to another piece here at UKT.news, the online magazine that offers a lens into the buzzing hive of UK startups. This article turns our spotlight onto companies operating in the competitive but highly rewarding field of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). As the global landscape continues to shift more online, a strong digital presence has become essential for businesses to stay relevant, attract customers, and stay ahead of their competitors. This is where SEO strategies play a significant role. Let’s dive into some SEO startups and companies that are making waves in London. They are impressing customers as they help businesses to rocket up through the ranks of Google searches.

The United Kingdom, and namely London, is known for its diverse startup scene, boasting some of the world’s most innovative and thriving companies. SEO has been a significant area of growth in the startup scene. As a methodology aimed at improving a website’s organic visibility in search engine results, it’s no surprise that this field is attracting some serious talent and investment. Businesses need to go beyond merely having a website in today’s digital marketplace; they need to be discoverable which is exactly what SEO strategies ensure.

With a multitude of new SEO companies on the scene, it’s vital to separate the wheat from the chaff and highlight those truly delivering results. Today, we will explore 15 unique SEO startups and companies, all based in London, providing their clients with exceptional value. We will delve into their background, mission, industry focus, founders, and more.

Blossom Web Studio

Blossom Web Studio, founded by Divya Singh, is a global Growth Marketing Agency and Web Design Company. They operate mainly in the Advertising, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development industry.

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GA Agency

GA Agency is a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEM, and SEO.

Davydov Consulting

Davydov Consulting, founded by Oleg Davydov, is a Web Design & Development Agency based in London. Their industry scope encompasses Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design and Web Development.

Wraith SEO

Wraith SEO offers online marketing and software development services. They operate within the Consulting, E-Commerce, SEO, and Software industries.


TrafikLite provides analytics software to track all of a website’s inbound marketing efforts. They serve the Analytics, Big Data, Marketing, Search Engine, SEO, and Software industries.


ONQOR Group, headed by founder Joe Kaul, is a Marketing & Technology agency providing services within the Graphic Design, Photography, Printing, SEO, Software, Video and Web Design sectors.


QwertyBit is a bespoke software development company based in London, UK. Their main industry operations are within the Blockchain, Mobile Apps, SEO, Software, Software Engineering, Web Design, and Web Development sectors.


Calibre is a digital agency that provides services such as Digital Marketing, App Development, Commerce, WordPress and more. They mainly operate within the Advertising, Apps, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, SEO, and Software industries.


OLIVEPODS is a company focused on online marketing, eCommerce, and SEO consultancy. They serve the Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Marketing, and SEO industries.

RomBrasCom LTD

RomBrasCom LTD, founded by Adrian Diaz, provides digital marketing consulting to local and national companies. They operate within the Consulting, Digital Marketing, and SEO industries.

Ranking Skills

Ranking Skills is a London-based digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, Social media marketing, PPC & Content marketing.

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Project Rising

Project Rising, founded by Oliver Corder and Tim Davies, is an IT company that specializes in web development, SEO, project management, outsourcing, and UX design.


YouCan is an integrated platform specialized in e-commerce. They also offer services in the SEO industry.


Versoly, founded by Volkan Kaya, specializes in SaaS website development, CMS, forms, analytics, SEO, and a page builder.

10th Man Media

10th Man Media, founded by Kevin H. and Stuart Riddle, offers services including social media marketing, advertising, analytics, data visualization, and brand management services within the Advertising, Analytics, Graphic Design, Information Technology, SEO and Social Media industries.

In conclusion, SEO is not just about improving visibility on the internet. It is about staying one step ahead in the digital age, where the survival of businesses heavily depends on their digital presence. Hopefully our little expedition today gave you an interesting insight into this segment of London’s thriving startup scene. Stay tuned to UKT.news for more deep dives into the world of UK Startups.

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