Who Are London’s Most Influential Industrial Startups in 2023?

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London, the economic hub of the United Kingdom, is also a recognised global frontier of technology and innovation. Particularly, the city’s industrial sector is thriving, thanks to an upsurge of startups leveraging cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionise industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, energy and more. Here are interesting industrial startups and companies exploding out of the heart of London.

These startups are contributing significantly to the industrial sector by developing unique and efficient solutions for various industrial processes such as yield prediction, manufacturing automation, waste management, and more. They are also driving the digital transformation trend in this sector, contributing to the emergence of Industry 4.0, a new phase in the industrial revolution that focuses on automation, interconnectivity and real-time data.

From recycling polymer waste to creating autonomous mobility solutions for sustainability, these companies are pushing the boundary of what’s possible with technology in the industrial sector. Let’s delve deeper and uncover what each of these exciting startups has to offer.


Founded by Andrii Seleznov and Maryna Kuzmenko, Petiole is an innovative startup focused on yield prediction and monitoring using simple smartphone technology. It operates within industries including Agriculture, AgTech, Cannabis, Farming, Flowers, Horticulture and Industrial Automation. By applying advanced processing techniques, Petiole provides an efficient way for agricultural professionals to monitor and predict yields.

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Metis Labs

Developed by Alex Appelbe and Bashir Beikzadeh, Metis Labs provides intelligent software designed to improve the performance of manufacturing processes. From energy efficiency to industrial manufacturing, Metis Labs uses advanced software to enhance operational efficiency and productivity within the industrial sector.

Cevitr Limited

A specialist in delivering robotic process automation (RPA) as a fully managed service, Cevitr Limited revolutionises IT processes within companies operating in the Assistive Technology, Industrial Automation, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Software industries. Its automation solutions boost efficiency and productivity, allowing industrial companies to focus on their core business.

BIG Atom

Conceived by Alexander Guslisty, BIG Atom is a recycling company on a crusade to end polymer waste. Through developing, building and operating new generation infrastructure for processing waste, it contributes immensely to waste management and environmental conservation within the industrial sector.


EnigmaMS, developed by David Blyth, Marc Heitman and Simon Franchini, is an intelligent deep science platform. It focuses on storing and analysing data while offering advanced technology that promotes autonomous data science. It’s a key player in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Chemical, Industrial Automation, and Machine Learning industries.


Experience autonomous mobility invented for sustainability with Aidrivers. Led by Rafiq Swash, Aidrivers has made epoch contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Industrial Automation. It deploys cutting edge AI technology in developing innovative solutions to drive operational efficiency.


LatentBridge offers automation solutions with cloud-based SAAS platforms for process assessment, providing investment advice, and manages trade settlements. It operates in the Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Industrial Automation and Software sectors, and bolsters process efficiency through automation.

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Founded by Amar Radia and Asad Hamir, Nolii is a manufacturing firm that commits to creating a people-first ecosystem of modular tech accessories. It contributes to the Consumer Goods, Industrial Manufacturing, and Sales industries through the production of quality and customer-focused tech accessories.


OpenCell is making biotechnology accessible and affordable by building biotech labs within shipping containers. It is making significant contributions to the Biotechnology, Construction, and Industrial Engineering industries by promoting research accessibility.

McKarthy Labs

McKarthy Labs offers professional AI, machine learning and robotic process automation solutions to businesses. Specialising in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation, Machine Learning, Professional Services and Robotics, it helps businesses optimise processes and boost overall productivity.

Sauron Security

Developed by Nikola Cvetkovic and Vladan Todorovic, Sauron Security provides a smart, big data cyber surveillance system specialising in real-time detection and remediation of cyber attacks on IoT devices. It is a leading player in the Big Data, Cyber Security, Industrial Automation, IoT and Real Time industries.


Co-founded by Dejan Strbad and Marin Bek, Ascalia employs the power of IoT and AI to help manufacturing factories enhance productivity. It operates in numerous industries including Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics.

OUTER Industries

OUTER Industries is dedicated to advancing engineering technology. It offers innovative solutions in Aerospace, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Space Travel industries and effectively utilizes technology to drive industrial progress.

Radius Analytics

Radius Analytics, a company co-founded by Seth Aslin, has the primary mission of promoting Risk analytics workflow automation. It is a major contributor to various industries including Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Industrial Automation and Machine Learning.

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Holotron Technologies

Holotron Technologies uses full-body force feedback technology to control humanoid robots and virtual avatars, providing unprecedented control and immersion. It’s paving the way in the Human Computer Interaction, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Device, Nuclear, Robotics, and Virtual Reality sectors.

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