Who Are the Game-Changing Personal Finance Startups in the UK?

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Exploring the interesting array of Personal Finance startups in the United Kingdom, we’re seeing an influx of companies using technology to cater to different finance needs. These burgeoning establishments are creating solutions for personal wealth management, commercial financial services, credit education, and much more. With the dynamic financial landscape, navigating the roster of British FinTech can be quite a task. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of 15 promising Personal Finance startups to watch – filled with innovative ideas, disruptive technologies, and the potential to re-define the financial narrative.


Meet Fintify, a cross-border personal finance computing and monitoring platform. Providing a 360-degree updated view of your assets and liabilities, their app aims to help users manage their financial well-being. It operates in the space intersecting Finance, Financial Services, and Mobile Apps.


Yes2Credit.com is a UK-based site dedicated to credit education and providing ethical lending solutions. Founded by Paul Williams, this credit-focused platform operates in the industry of finance and personal finance.

Octane Capital

Octane Capital specializes in providing financial solutions for both residential and commercial needs, offering bridging loans, developer exit loans, and refurbishment loans


Founded by entrepreneurs Juan Montalvo Bressi, Martin and Nicolas Magnone, Tymit is redesigning credit service. Tymit offers a blend of traditional credit cards and a buy now, pay later service.


Meet Emma. Created by co-founders Antonio Marino and Edoardo Moreni, this financial app helps users avoid overdrafts, find wasteful subscriptions, and gain control of their finances.

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Co-founded by Alex Romocea and Ioannis Vasilakos, meet Apperia. This innovative FinTech platform delivers a compelling and unified Workplace Financial Wellbeing solution.


Finmo is a financial management tool for self-employed workers, aiming to improve financial health and simplify tax filing. It was co-founded by J.D. Rainey and Sei Moon.

LiveMore Mortgages

LiveMore Mortgages is a digital finance company offering online mortgage lending services for older borrowers.


Koyo, founded by Thomas Olszewski, offers competitively priced credit using machine learning.


Shaking up payment systems is FreeUp, with a mission to change how people get paid. Founders David Townsend, Marta Krupinska, and Reuben Saxon are driving it.

Your Ecommerce Accountant

Your Ecommerce Accountant focuses on financial services for VAT services, cloud accountancy, and e-commerce businesses.

Beattie Lockton Family Wealth

Founded by Lee Westley, Beattie Lockton Family Wealth is a financial advisory firm that offers wealth and investment management services to individuals.

Pie People Ltd

Pie People Ltd, guided by founder Abdul Kadir, offers uniquely positioned Fintech SaaS solutions.


Promiser.pro creates an intriguing avenue to make money – by quitting addictions in a cool, evidence-based way and dare people you care for.

Bifrost Wealth

Bifrost Wealth , co-founded by Andreas Pogiatzis, Dino Lauria Ubatuba de Faria, and Lorenzo Berg, focuses on wealth management, finance, and investment.

These British Personal Finance startups are making significant strides in the financial industry, merging technology with innovative services. From credit education to wealth management, these companies represent the exciting future of Finance.

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