Who Are The Top Influential IT Startups in Cambridgeshire Today?

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In a world where information is a critical commodity, a rising group of start-ups is making waves in the burgeoning field of Information Technology in the county of Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. From developing personalized medical research platforms to revolutionizing the use of healthcare data with machine learning, these start-ups are not just riding the wave of the information revolution but also shaping its course.

Cambridgeshire’s vibrant tech start-up scene has earned it the moniker ‘Silicon Fen’, an homage to the globally recognized Silicon Valley in the United States. The county is becoming a hub for innovative, enterprising companies, driven by a supportive local infrastructure, world-class academic institutions like the University of Cambridge and a thriving ecosystem of tech companies, advisors, and investors.

As the global Information Technology industry continues its rapid growth, these Cambridgeshire start-ups are uniquely positioned to make a significant impact within their respective sectors. Here’s a closer look at these rising stars in the IT landscape.

Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics is a personalised medicine research platform that values data privacy and transparency. This bio-tech and health care IT platform, founded by Charlotte Guzzo, Patrick Short, and William Jones, strives for real-time data processing while also making headway in the marketplace.


Kirontech employs cutting edge machine learning technology to revolutionise the use of healthcare data. This healthcare IT and Artificial Intelligence firm, led by Omar Chebli, Tarek Nassar, and Tom Nygren, is set to change the face of healthcare data usage.

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Lucido is an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) start-up providing extensive due diligence applications. Founded by Guy Jarvis and Mark Crocombe, Lucido is revolutionising the software industry in the region.


Founders Fiona Kinghorn and John Clarke have constructed a business model with InsurTechnix, wherein the company develops and commercialises novel technologies for cyber insurers.


Sunlight.Io, founded by Julian Chesterfield, Kosten Metreweli, and Paul Brennan, is shaping the Big Data industry by developing products that virtualize any high-performance workload with bare-metal performance.

Nu Quantum

Nu Quantum is spearheading end-to-end quantum cryptography systems. Founders Carmen Palacios-Berraquero, Matthew Applegate, and Mete Atature are setting new standards in the IT, Network Security, and Telecommunications industries.

Tilt Technology

Tilt Technology is an IT firm offering comprehensive digital workspace solutions from virtual desktops to technical support.

Things to do in Cambridge

As a unique player in the IT, Marketing and Tourism market, Things to do in Cambridge offers information technology and hotel services, along with shopping and marketing opportunities all coupled within a travel agency.

Granta Innovation

Antony Rix has fostered Granta Innovation into an AI and machine learning application development firm specialising in business and healthcare.


Utilising a unique business model, Circuit, the brainchild of Jack Underwood, provides route optimisation software to consumers, SMB’s and enterprise.

Ziphii Ltd

Ziphii Ltd creates unique, interactive experiences for businesses through its community-led eXperience platform. Ziphii Ltd, led by founder Weike Onwuyali, enables businesses to provide contextual and relevant experiences to their customers.


Jumptech, the brainchild of Phil Nunn, simplifies electric vehicle charger installation. The startup is carving a niche for itself in the electric vehicle industry by providing innovative software solutions.

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Doc2, led by the powerful duo of Ben Harris and Josh Harris, targets small and medium enterprises to create, send, and eSign contracts in seconds.

Things On Edge Ltd.

Things On Edge Ltd. is carving a niche by creating a low power and cost IoT platform tailored to its user’s needs.


Xipe helps other businesses by creating tailored software development teams for any project or product.

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