Who Are The UK’s Most Influential Blockchain Startups in 2023?

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Blockchain technology has a lot to offer in different sectors and industries. The United Kingdom, as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, hosts a variety of startups working with blockchain. The following piece introduces fifteen of the most innovative and promising blockchain startups in the UK.

These startups are paving way for next-generation solutions through blockchain. From revolutionizing the fitness and health care industry to reformatting human resources management, each startup brings an innovative use of blockchain technology to a different sector. Let’s delve into the unique offerings from each of these startups.

Let’s start by looking at the innovative startups in the fitness industry. SPRYT, a wellness and fitness service firm is making waves in the industry using revolutionary blockchain technology.


SPRYT is a wellness and fitness service firm. The startup utilises artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies along with sports and health care services. The aim is to provide curated, high-quality wellness and fitness solutions to users.


Paycado, founded by Nadya Miteva and Veselin Sidjimov, is a new Fintech Neobank. With the use of blockchain technology, it aims to provide affordable and innovative banking services, including consumer lending, financial services, insurance, and mobile payments.


ImmVRse is a decentralised hybrid VR content distribution platform. By using blockchain technology, ImmVRse offers enriched and secure media and entertainment experiences.


PayBear aids in the acceptance of cryptocurrency in business transactions. Through their advance software, PayBear is simplifying the process of cryptocurrency payments.

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CoinIndex is a crypto derivatives market data platform. With accurate financial data, CoinIndex assists in intelligent cryptocurrency investments.


Humans4Help provides sound advice in IT Service Management and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), thereby enabling other businesses to thrive.

Atlas City Global

Atlas City Global is a London-based startup that is entirely focused on blockchain technology and its applications.


ASPIRE is revolutionising recruitment with blockchain. The non-bias approach towards recruitment is changing the world of human resources management.


Aave, founded by Stani Kulechov, is an open source non-custodial protocol on Ethereum for decentralized lending and borrowing.


Nodal is another company that is shaking up the recruitment industry, using blockchain technology to streamline the process.


LCCX is the London Crypto Currency Exchange, proving a secure platform for trading cryptocurrencies.


Byzantium is a service provider for blockchain-based projects and businesses, offering financial and business development solutions.


UrbanChain, founded by Mo Hajhashem and Somayeh Taheri, is an energy management platform that utilizes blockchain and AI technologies.


Qadre is a tech company that’s modernising financial markets with blockchain.


Vizidox, founded by Freddy Elturk, empowers individuals, organizations & governments to build a more efficient, transparent, and trusted world through blockchain technology.

Blockchain startups in the United Kingdom are actively challenging existing business models and transforming industries with their innovative solutions. From fintech to fitness, energy to entertainment, these startups are showcasing how blockchain can be part of everyday business operations, driving efficiency and transparency. The adoption of blockchain by these startups signals a positive future for this transformative technology in the UK.

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