What are Leading UK’s Consumer Research Startups Influencing the Market?

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The UK is rich with startups revolutionizing how businesses gets insights about the consumer. These innovative startups are pushing the boundaries to give detailed, quality information via consumer research. They adopt various techniques that are modern, easily accessible, and efficient. Here we look at 15 of the standout consumer research startups that are making strides within the UK tech and business sectors.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology, these startups are able to gather critical information about consumer behaviour and their preferences. Furthermore, these startups play a significant role towards helping businesses understand their customers better as well as fine-tune their services based on the feedback provided by these consumer research entities.

Here are 15 leading UK consumer research startups you should be aware of:


PingPong provides tools to conduct consumer research remotely and effortlessly. With a focus on user and market research, as well as product and UX design, this startup is a great tool for businesses wanting to understand their users better.

PingPong UX

Co-founded by Jon Lay and Zsolt Kocsmárszky, PingPong UX is known for making remote moderated UX research notably easier and enjoyable. They operate with a strong focus on consumer research.

No LogoSphere

Founded by Nicholas Guy, No LogoSphere is a next-generation market research business. They deal with Consumer Research and Social Impact while advancing the market research practice.

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Prodsight is an IT SaaS company co-founded by Tadas Labudis. The enterprise offers solutions in the form of software services to provide business intelligence through studying customer feedback and insights.

Insight Platforms

Insight Platforms serve as the directory for market and user research, customer experience, and analytics. The platform is an excellent resource for companies wanting to enhance these fields.


Through their breakthrough technology, founders James Horn and Kerr Horn aims to make mindfulness more accessible using tools that directly tie-in with the brain. Check Neuractive for more information on wearables, wellness and neuroscience.

ZIPZERO Global Limited

Founded by Agnes Monod-Gayraud, Aymeric Monod-Gayraud, and Marcin Walaszczyk, ZIPZERO Global Limited captivates consumers with an interesting proposition of shopping to pay bills.


Co-founded by Matt Alcock, Faraday aids in booting ideas via an efficacious feedback platform. Their services span Consumer Research, Information Services, Productivity Tools and Software.


For client-specific financial transcription and research services, look no further than Hesiod. They focus on Consulting, Consumer Research and Financial Services.

Privacy Experience Agency

The Privacy Experience Agency offers insightful privacy experiences that retain customers and grow businesses in a robust, sustainable manner.


Headed by founder Talha Fazlani, Colity operates as a clothing-brand discovery platform where users can search and learn more about their favourite brands, as well as share reviews.

Macro Hive

Founded by Andrew Simon and Bilal Hafeez, Macro Hive is a firm that utilises macro research and analytics strategy to glean insights.


Deploying SaaS for brands and application services for customers, Incu is a renowned brand optimized by founder Jtan Styla.

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Welltech startup, sofi.health, is co-founded by David Casarett and Kaveh Memari. The company has committed to improving mental and physical well-being through organic remedies.

The Social Media Research Centre

Founded by Tristan Hotham, The Social Media Research Centre constitutes a research and consultancy firm that significantly enhances the quality of social media research.

In conclusion, these startups are leading the way in changing the landscape of consumer research in the UK. They are innovative, dedicated and revolutionary, keen to make a real impact on the industries they operate in. Our hats off to these businesses doing great things for Consumer Research.

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