Who’s Transforming the Home Services Industry in England Today?

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When it comes to home services, the United Kingdom is bursting with innovative startups and companies. With a keen focus on consumer service and convenience, these English companies are embracing digital technologies to redefine and revolutionise conventional home services. In this article, we bring you a standout selection of home services startups from England, each of which is leading the industry’s transformation in unique, exciting directions.

From property, cleaning, and maintenance services to on-demand offerings in various areas like cooking and home repairs, these companies leverage technology to streamline and simplify the process of hiring and delivering home services. The common thread among all these startups is a profound commitment to fulfil everyday needs, saving customers time, energy, and resources in the process.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the specifics of each company and how they are reshaping the landscape of home services in the heartland of the United Kingdom…


Moovshack is the first fully interactive, mobile-first property platform, operating both as a free-to-list portal and a brand-able estate agent app. Initiatives like these, developed by founders Mick Silver and Pavel Sich, transform the conventional real estate industry by bringing the entire property market onto a user-friendly digital platform.

Pikkle Ltd

Pikkle Ltd is connecting households and small businesses to personalized, affordable services. It was founded by Emilie Lockey and Tom Davies with a vision to make E-Commerce more consumer-friendly and efficient.

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Founded by Denis Gromov and Julia Ponomareva, eMop is an online platform for bespoke cleaning services on-demand. With eMop, booking a professional cleaner has never been this efficient and straightforward.


yhangry, led by founders Heinin Zhang and Siddhi Mittal, is a private chef marketplace where socialising at home is made more enjoyable and easy. With just a few clicks, you can book a chef to cook for your event at home.


Wequire.homes is an innovative property platform aiming to replace estate agents with automation & freelancers. Founders Gergely Szep, Jakab Barna, and Robert Soos are streamlining property management and transaction processes, making them accessible, transparent, and user-friendly.

Kreww Inc.

Kreww Inc., Europe’s first on-demand services app, is an initiative by founders Anupam Ghosal, Somdip Dey, and Suman Saha. Through the app, home services – from wellness to repairs and services, can be booked at your convenience.

Good Life Sorted

Good Life Sorted aims to bring the sharing economy to the ageing population, helping people enjoy living independently at home for longer. Founders Constantine Karampatsos and Verity Batchelder created this platform to connect seniors with needed care and services.

Better Home Cover

Offering an emergency home repair solution, Better Home Cover is a startup founded by Mads Dal. It offers an array of services in home improvement, insurance, property management, and energy efficiency.


Founded by Talbi Casafix, Casafix offers expert services in plumbing, boiler repair, and central heating maintenance. Discerning homeowners seeking quality home services can rely on their professionalism and commitment to quality.

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House Service App

House Service App, founded by Anisa Abdulrahman, simplifies the process of finding local home services. This mobile app connects service providers offering domestic services with households.


The initiative of founder Piotr Wolanski, Flatsrater is the Trustpilot for rental properties providing comprehensive reviews for renters and property owners alike. They offer an innovative take on gathering reliable information about rental properties.


Octta matches vetted professional tradespeople with property management companies, landlords, and homeowners. This proptech company aims to build trust and quality results in the home services industry.

Connecting Services

Connecting Services, founded by Eirini Meze, strives to connect service providers with clients. This service provides a streamlined platform for customers to find and book their needed services.


Founder Iyabo Bello’s iKooK is an innovative platform where you can book a private chef to cook at your home or events. The service brings gourmet cookery right into your kitchen.


A project by Anna Moynihan, Paul Moynihan, TaskHer is the only tradeswomen booking platform that is purpose-driven, empowers homeowners, and gets the job done. Their service connects skilled women tradespeople with customers looking for home services.

These companies are just a glimpse into the universe of innovation in the home services sector. They not only offer utmost convenience to consumers but also create a multitude of opportunities for service providers. If you are seeking solutions to streamline your home services, get a unique dining experience at home, or find a reliable service provider in your local area, there’s a startup out there to fulfill your needs.

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Read more from UKT News:  Startup Showcase: Foodshare - Reducing Food Waste and World Hunger

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