Can AI Lead a Revolution in Fintech Consulting and Financial Services?

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Key Takeaways:

  • A closer look at UK-based startup,, demonstrates the potential of AI to revolutionise fintech consulting and financial services.
  • is an AI-enhanced platform that assesses risk and offers affordable financial products, aiming to provide better financial outcomes.
  • The platform utilises bank and payment data to enable financial service providers make smart decisions, promote financial inclusion and reduce fraud.
  • With AI-powered bank INSIGHTS, is revolutionising the fintech industry with its seamless customer acquisition approach and superior accuracy.


Artificial Intelligence has been transforming industries including financial services and fintech consulting. One of the front runners in this revolution is UK-based startup, Based out of Oxford, Oxfordshire, is leveraging AI to deliver better financial outcomes. The platform employs AI to assess risk and offer appropriate and affordable financial products to consumers and small businesses.

The power of’s platform lies in its ability to use the most recent and accurate bank behaviour data. This accountability allows financial service providers to make smarter decision, promote financial inclusion and reduce fraud. The result? Improved access to quality financial services for end users enabled by AI-powered bank insights. differentiates itself through its proactive approach in harnessing bank and payment data to deliver instant actionable intelligence. The AI-enhanced platform not only simplifies risk assessment but also assists in offering fitting financial products to consumers and businesses. This results in enhanced customer acquisition which is more accurate and less friction-filled compared to traditional tools.

The startup’s AI-powered method to read and understand banking behaviour provides both, a seamless and a secure process. The system enables users to control their own financial data and use it to their advantage, promoting a truly inclusive financial ecosystem. Furthermore, with’s model, financial service providers are able to minimise fraud, making it a win-win for all involved.

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The fintech consulting and financial services industry have seen major shifts, especially in the current digital-first era. Solutions like are driving transformative changes by molding technology around finances. Armed with an innovative toolkit, is well-positioned for scaling and growth in this dynamic environment.

As the industry continues to transform and digitise, startups like are pushing boundaries. With a commitment to deliver superior services through smart use of technology, looks to shape the future of fintech consulting and financial services. For more information, visit their website and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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