Can London’s New Game Developer Disrupt the Cross-Platform MOBA Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Omeda Studios is a new startup company based in London, England that is looking to disrupt the cross-platform MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) industry.
  • With their first game Predecessor, still in development, they have already reached more than 100,000 signups and 35,000 discord fans.
  • The company is founded by Andrea Garella, Robbie Singh, and Steven Meilleur in 2020.
  • Omeda Studios tends to build a community by prioritizing their audience.
  • As the cross-platform gaming industry continues to grow, Omeda Studios is setting themselves up to capitalize on this trend.

Online gaming has seen a meteoric rise over the past decade. And in the thick of this growth is the emergence of cross-platform gaming, particularly in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) category. Attempting to penetrate this fast-growing industry is a new game developer based in London called Omeda Studios. Founded in 2020 by Andrea Garella, Robbie Singh, and Steven Meilleur, Omeda Studios is a testament to the thriving video game industry in the UK.

Their first move? Developing a cross-platform third-person MOBA game named Predecessor. Still in development for PC and console, Predecessor has already secured a highly engaged community with more than 35,000 Discord fans and well over 100,000 signups before its official release. This massive early response from the gaming community signals an initial success for this London-based startup and its anticipatory disruption in the gaming industry.

What sets Omeda Studios apart from other developers in the cross-platform MOBA space is their commitment to prioritizing community. From the start, they’ve engaged audiences in an innovative way, something that resonates positively with their quickly growing fan base. This strategic move is not only paying off in terms of the engagement and growth they’ve managed to garner for Predecessor, but it is also a strong sign that they understand today’s gaming market and what players are looking for.

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Additionally, by choosing to develop a cross-platform game, Omeda Studios is capitalizing on the trend towards bridging the gap between console and PC gamers, which could give them access to a broader audience. With Predecessor, they’re not just developing a game; they’re fostering a gaming community that transcends traditional platform boundaries.

Omeda Studios is beginning a journey in a market with large competitors, but if the interest around Predecessor is any indication, it definitely has a fighting chance. As they continue to foster and grow their community, their chances of turning this initial interest into a solid and loyal fan base increases. The backing of already tens of thousands of potential gamers, eager for the release of Predecessor suggests a promising future for this London-based game developer.

With the continued growth of gaming, especially in the MOBA genre, Omeda Studios is a startup to watch. Check them out for yourself on their website and follow their progress on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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