Can Digitisation Bridge the Gender Gap in Health Care Seeking Behaviours?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Numan, a digital health startup, is leveraging technology to tackle the gender gap in healthcare-seeking behaviours.
  • This London-based company provides direct online access to medical professionals, prescription medication, and holistic health advice to men.
  • Digital platforms like Numan may offer a more comfortable and private environment for men, encouraging them to seek medical advice and care actively.

In an era defined by digitisation and its increasing influence on our daily lives, the role that digital platforms can play in addressing the gender gap in healthcare-seeking behaviours is arguably more significant than ever before. This comes in light of findings that suggest men, in comparison to women, are generally less likely to engage proactively in their health, showing a marked reluctance to seek medical advice or be forthcoming about health concerns. Constantly seeking innovative solutions is Numan, a digital health startup based in London that is specifically dedicated to improving men’s health.

Founded by Sokratis Papafloratos, Numan is redefining accessibility in men’s health care services. Offering a digital-first service, this startup provides men with direct online access to healthcare professionals, prescription medication, at-home blood testing, and holistic health advice. By focusing on common conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and hair loss, as well as nutritional deficiencies, Numan offers an easily accessible, private, and hassle-free platform.

The uniqueness of Numan lies in its smooth bridging of the gender gap in healthcare-seeking behaviours. By delivering healthcare services digitally, men can gain access to healthcare without stepping foot in traditional healthcare settings that might feel intimidating or embarrassing. Furthermore, Numan’s strong focus on privacy and anonymity allows men to discuss and seek solutions for their health concerns without feeling judged or stigmatised. Thus, Numan not only eases access to healthcare services but also encourages and normalises the act of seeking help, playing a crucial role in shifting societal norms and attitudes.

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Another noteworthy aspect of Numan is its integrated-care platform, which combines professional medical advice with a range of services including medication and at-home blood tests. This integration provides a well-rounded approach to healthcare, addressing a broader range of health needs and ensuring comprehensive care.

In envisioning the future of Numan and the burgeoning digital health industry, it is safe to forecast a promising growth trajectory in the years to come. With a rising number of men willing to seek help for their health concerns, Numan’s uptake is likely to increase. Building on this, it is more critical than ever for initiatives like Numan to persist in their endeavour to chip away at the stubborn gender norms and roles that presently hinder many men in seeking help and taking charge of their health, ultimately fostering a more equal society.

To learn more about Numan and their mission, visit You can also stay updated with their latest ventures on their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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