Revolutionising Professional Networking: Are SaaS Platforms the Future of Career Growth?

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Key Takeaways:

  • PushFar is a leading mentoring and career progression platform, offering both free and licensed versions of its innovative software.
  • Already serving thousands globally, it streamlines mentoring programs for individuals and organisations, helping to facilitate growth, networking, and effective professional development.
  • Their SaaS (software as a service) platform could be indicative of a new trend in professional progression tools as technology continues to revolutionise the professional networking landscape.


In a fast-paced, digitally-driven world, finding robust tools to navigate career progression is more important than ever. Enter PushFar, a London-based startup revolutionising professional networking with its innovative SaaS platform. Focused on mentoring and career advancement, PushFar is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses connect, grow, and achieve their professional goals.

PushFar offers an open mentoring platform where users can sign up for free, find a mentor, volunteer to mentor others, network, and create meaningful connections. Additionally, they offer a licensed version of their technology to organisations globally, helping them to streamline internal mentoring programs and encourage employee development.


What sets PushFar apart is its comprehensive suite of tools designed to facilitate not just networking, but tangible career progression. Whether you’re an individual seeking guidance or an organisation looking to boost career development, PushFar provides the resources needed to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Their unique approach combines technology with personal development, taking professional networking to the next level.

Moreover, PushFar’s SaaS business model allows them to serve a wide range of needs and adapt to client specifics. The open-platform enables anyone, anywhere in the world, access to these tools for free while their licensing option allows organisations to effectively manage mentorship schemes and promote employee growth. This dual-pronged approach has the potential to disrupt mentoring as we know it.

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The future of PushFar looks promising as more individuals and enterprises recognise the value of SaaS platforms in professional development. By bridging the gap between traditional mentoring methods and digital innovation, PushFar is poised for international growth and could drive a significant shift in career development strategies.

As the world moves increasingly towards a digital-first approach, we can expect to see more innovative platforms like PushFar driving professional progression. Be sure to follow their journey on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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