Could Innovative Liquid Biopsy Diagnostics Revolutionise Internet of Things Health Tech?

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Key takeaways:

  • Mursla Bio is a techbio startup based in Cambridge, UK that specialises in nextgen multi-omics liquid biopsy tests.
  • The company offers first-in-class tests that provide real time snapshots of disease biology, leading to early detection of conditions like liver cancer.
  • Their ground-breaking technology could pave the way for significant advancements in the Internet of Things health tech industry.
  • Being tissue-specific and multi-omics, Mursla’s technology is differentiated from the current circulating free DNA-based liquid biopsy tests.
  • You can follow their advancements at their website or on social media via LinkedIn.

The convergence of biotechnology and the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionise healthcare, with companies like Mursla Bio leading the charge. Based in Cambridge, Mursla is at the vanguard of this exciting new field, leveraging extracellular vesicle biology to deliver nextgen multi-omics liquid biopsy solutions, with its first product offering early detection of liver cancer.

With the capacity to provide a real-time snapshot of disease biology, the implications of Mursla’s innovation could be transformative. Presently, diagnosis of numerous conditions relies on late-stage clinical symptoms, by which point treatment is often significantly more challenging. By offering early detection through a simple blood test, Mursla is aiming to improve the prognosis for countless individuals.

What sets Mursla Bio apart is the sophistication and specificity of its tests. Unlike first generation liquid biopsy blood tests that utilise circulating free DNA, Mursla’s tests are tissue-specific, offering more precise results. Furthermore, they are multi-omics, meaning they analyse multiple biological datasets to identify significant patterns, such as those related to disease.

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This combination of specificity and thoroughness has the potential to vastly improve the accuracy of diagnoses, leading to more timely and effective treatment strategies. With this pioneering approach, Mursla Bio is truly redefining the potential of liquid biopsy diagnostics.

Looking ahead, the potential applications of Mursla Bio’s technology are vast and exciting. In the burgeoning IoT health tech sector, their breakthroughs could pave the way for wearable devices capable of continuous health monitoring, thereby facilitating early medical intervention and potentially saving millions of lives globally.

Follow Mursla Bio’s journey at and via their LinkedIn. As healthcare technology progresses, it will be startups like Mursla Bio leading the way, shaping the future of the industry through innovative solutions that offer hope to those at risk.

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