Startup Showcase: reboxed – Redefining Recommerce and Saving the Planet, One Device at a Time

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As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, our obsession with having the latest gadgets has created an alarming amount of e-waste, polluting our planet and damaging our environment. But what if we could combine technology, branding, and environmental impact to revolutionize the way we buy, sell, and reuse used tech devices? This is the mission of reboxed – to create a circular economy that rewards people for making greener choices, while helping to replenish the planet.

At Startup Showcase: reboxed, we take a closer look at this innovative recommerce platform that is shaking up a dated and boring category, solving inefficiencies, and challenging the status quo. From its on-demand platform for businesses and people to sell, swap, and shop for used tech, to its circular business model of reboxing, rehoming, and repeating, reboxed is not your average recommerce company.

Technology, Branding, and Environmental Impact – The reboxed Advantage

The founder and CEO of reboxed, Phil Kemish, believes that great tech shouldn’t cost the Earth. That’s why he created a recommerce platform that makes it easier, faster, and more trustworthy to refurbish and rebox used devices into premium phones, reducing the amount of e-waste that goes to waste. With a focus on technology, branding, and environmental impact, reboxed is redefining the way we think about recommerce.

Rewarding the Planet, One Device at a Time

reboxed isn’t just about giving customers better value but making a positive impact on the environment and society. The company’s circular business model, rebox, rehome, repeat, is designed to reward people for making greener choices and help replenish the planet. For example, every time reboxed buys or sells a device, it plants 10 trees and pays to offset each phone’s lifetime CO2 emissions, which helps fund a range of projects to cut CO2. Phil Kemish’s goal is to try to make every phone reboxed rehomes not just carbon neutral but carbon positive if they can.

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Join the reboxed Revolution

Are you excited to be part of the reboxed revolution? To be rewarded for making greener choices and helping to replenish the planet? Join the reboxed platform today and experience the future of recommerce. Whether you’re a business looking to sell your used devices, or an individual looking to buy refurbished phones with a conscience, reboxed has got you covered.


At reboxed, the future of recommerce is redefining technology, branding, and environmental impact. By creating a circular economy that rewards people for making greener choices and replenishing the planet, reboxed is setting out to transform the way people buy, sell and think about tech. With a mission to rehome 100 million phones by 2030, reboxed is accelerating the transition from linear to circular and encouraging others to join the movement.


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