Greening the Capital: 15 Revolutionary Environmental Startups in London

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London, England, is not only a bustling metropolis but also a hub of innovation and sustainability-focused startups. Among the array of startups making a positive impact on the environment, several stand out with their cutting-edge solutions and dedication to promoting a greener future. In this article, we showcase and explain 15 interesting environmental consulting startups based in London, United Kingdom.

Zenobe Energy

Zenobe Energy takes the lead as the largest independent owner and operator of battery storage in the UK. Focused on the energy and renewable energy sectors, the company plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable energy landscape. Founded by James Basden, Nicholas Beatty, and Steven Meersman, Zenobe Energy continues to drive advancements in the field of environmental consulting.


Foodsteps, a London-based startup, has developed an innovative platform to help the food sector reduce its carbon footprint. Combining expertise in environmental consulting and life science, the company addresses one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. With a vision for a more sustainable food industry, Foodsteps is making a difference through its unique approach.


Toraphene offers a game-changing solution in the fight against plastic pollution. The startup has developed a biodegradable, compostable, and commercially-viable plastic packaging substitute. By making plastic packaging obsolete, Toraphene significantly contributes to waste management and sustainability efforts. Founded by Gaute Juliussen and Ingrid Williams, the company demonstrates the potential of biotechnology in environmental consulting and manufacturing.

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National Energy Holdings

National Energy Holdings is on a mission to develop, finance, and operate a minimum of 2GWp of renewable assets. The company plays a pivotal role in the energy and renewable energy sectors, driving the transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. As a leading figure in the field of environmental consulting, National Energy Holdings is spearheading the green energy revolution.

Circle Squared

Circle Squared is a platform that bridges the gap between businesses’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and consumers’ access to that information. Combining environmental consulting, information technology, and social entrepreneurship, the startup empowers consumers to make informed choices about their purchases. Founded by Jeff Sica and Mark Goldstone, Circle Squared promotes transparency and sustainability in the corporate world.


Treeconomy is a nature-based carbon removal company that leverages advanced AI and remote sensing monitoring. With a focus on environmental consulting and forestry, the startup actively contributes to combatting climate change. Through its innovative approach, Treeconomy emphasizes the critical role of forests in sequestering carbon and preserving biodiversity. The company was co-founded by Harry Grocott.

Clean Planet Energy

Clean Planet Energy provides pioneering solutions to the plastic and carbon crises. The startup converts non-recyclable plastics into ultra-clean fuel, significantly reducing plastic waste and greenhouse gas emissions. As a major player in the energy and renewable energy sectors, Clean Planet Energy demonstrates the potential of circular economy practices in environmental consulting. The company was founded by Adel Louertatani.

Guild Living

Guild Living is a unique startup that blends environmental consulting with lifestyle, restaurants, retirement, and wellness. Specializing in retirement communities, the company promotes sustainable living for seniors. Founded by Eugene Marchese and Michael Eggington, Guild Living strives to create spaces where older adults can lead fulfilling and eco-conscious lives.

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AirSensa is an environmental consultancy firm that focuses on building material and information technology. By leveraging data and technology, the startup tackles air pollution and its adverse effects on human health and the environment. AirSensa’s contributions play a crucial role in the environmental consulting domain.


SafeEnviro offers an innovative approach to waste management, using blockchain, information technology, recycling, and sustainability. The startup utilizes technology to support the waste management industry and promote eco-friendly practices. Founded by Arun Sri and Augustus Uadiale, SafeEnviro aims to revolutionize waste management for a cleaner and more sustainable future.


Inhabit is a web platform that helps businesses achieve net zero emissions. With expertise in environmental consulting and renewable energy, the startup empowers businesses to take tangible actions toward sustainability. Co-founded by Cameron Epstein, Holly McKay, and Sam McKay, Inhabit is driving significant change in the corporate world.


Qualus focuses on helping tanneries save costs, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve the quality of leather production. As a prominent environmental consulting startup, Qualus addresses sustainability challenges in the leather industry. Founded by Vikrant Pratap, the company is dedicated to promoting eco-friendly practices.

Exagen Group

The Exagen Group is passionate about renewable energy and its role in driving down greenhouse gas emissions. Specializing in environmental consulting and renewable energy, the startup plays a vital role in shaping a greener future. With its commitment to sustainability, the Exagen Group is a prominent player in the UK’s renewable energy landscape.


EcoSpot is empowering communities to take climate action by engaging young people, staff, and parents in sustainable practices. The startup, specializing in environmental consulting and GreenTech, actively promotes sustainability and green consumer goods. Founded by Maya Lingam, EcoSpot demonstrates the potential of grassroots movements in combatting climate change.

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Possible is a non-profit organization that brings people together to address the demands of the climate crisis. Through its work in charity and environmental consulting, Possible fosters collective action for a sustainable future. As a prominent player in the non-profit sector, the startup highlights the importance of community-driven efforts in environmental conservation.


The thriving startup scene in London, UK, is teeming with promising environmental consulting ventures, each playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainability and combating climate change. From renewable energy solutions to innovative waste management practices, these startups exemplify the power of innovation in shaping a greener future. As they continue to push the boundaries of environmental consulting, their contributions will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the planet and inspire further strides towards a more sustainable world.

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