Podcasting Gold: 15 Must-Explore Startups in the UK!

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Podcasting has become an increasingly popular medium for storytelling, education, entertainment, and information sharing. In the United Kingdom, the podcasting industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with a myriad of startups making their mark in this dynamic space. In this article, we will showcase and delve into 15 interesting podcast startups in the UK, each bringing unique offerings to the audio landscape.


Podcast.co is a leading platform that empowers creators to produce and share their podcasts with the world. Their mission is to inspire people through engaging and captivating audio content. Founded by James Mulvany, Podcast.co offers a user-friendly experience for individuals and businesses looking to venture into the world of podcasting.

Entale Media

Entale Media offers an AI-powered platform that takes podcasting to the next level. By providing an immersive experience, listeners can dive deeper into their favorite podcasts with additional content and insights. Co-founded by Claire Roberts, Graham Lyon, and Hannah Blake, Entale Media combines artificial intelligence and audio to create an enriching podcasting experience.


Streeem provides innovative video streaming solutions, including live, virtual, and hybrid events, as well as podcasts and video production services. Dominic Compagnone founded Streeem, catering to businesses and individuals seeking to enhance their content with professional video and audio streaming capabilities.

Outset Studio

Outset Studio offers accessible podcast studios, photography studio rentals, and film studios in South West London. With a focus on affordability, Outset Studio makes it easier for podcasters and content creators to produce high-quality audio in a professional setting.

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BEABACKER is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting content creators. From artists and musicians to podcasters and video game developers, this platform allows creative individuals to bring their projects to life. Co-founded by Luke Stephenson, BEABACKER facilitates connections between creators and their supporters.


Alitu is an all-in-one podcasting app designed for seamless podcast creation and management. With features like editing and publishing capabilities, Alitu streamlines the podcasting process for its users. Colin Gray founded the app to simplify podcast production and distribution.


Novel stands out as a multifaceted podcast firm, offering a diverse range of audio content, from comedy and narrative shows to interviews, documentaries, and dramatic performances. Novel’s founder has created an editorial platform alongside the podcasting services, making it a one-stop-shop for engaging storytelling.

Girls in Marketing

Girls in Marketing goes beyond podcasting, providing e-learning marketing courses and digital skill development. Founded by Olivia Mae Hanlon, this startup aims to empower marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs with valuable insights and knowledge.

Listening Dog Media

Listening Dog Media is a renowned podcast recording and production company in the UK. With a focus on crafting entertaining and informative audio experiences, they collaborate with diverse podcasters to deliver engaging content.

Global Captive Podcast

Global Captive Podcast caters to a specific niche, offering expert insights into the global captive market. Founder Richard Cutcher has created a valuable resource for professionals and enthusiasts interested in this specialized field.


Subly is a content enhancement tool that automatically transcribes, translates, and adds subtitles to videos and podcasts. Founded by Holly Stephens and Keyvan Kasaei, Subly makes content more accessible and engaging for wider audiences.

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Ramble is an innovative live and social podcasting app that enables podcasters to interact with their fans through voice chat and create exciting audio moments. This startup has integrated social media elements into podcasting, fostering a sense of community and interaction among listeners.


Auddy provides podcast publishing solutions for enterprises and consumers alike. Co-founded by Andrew Craissati, Chris Ancliff, and Cliff Plumer, Auddy aims to make podcasting a seamless experience for creators and listeners.


Inoox offers a comprehensive communication and management platform, catering to various industries, including podcasts. Co-founded by Andreas Tremel and Tiziano Panico, Inoox empowers teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Money Maze Podcast

Money Maze Podcast is a valuable resource for finance enthusiasts, offering insights on the finance and investment management industry through insightful podcasts. This startup provides a wealth of knowledge for those seeking financial wisdom.


The United Kingdom boasts a vibrant and diverse podcast startup scene, with each of the 15 featured companies contributing unique offerings to the audio landscape. From podcast creation and AI-powered immersive experiences to content crowdfunding and communication platforms, these startups play pivotal roles in shaping the future of podcasting. As the industry continues to grow, we can expect more innovative and exciting developments from these startups and the broader podcasting community in the UK. Whether you’re a podcast creator or a passionate listener, the British podcasting ecosystem has something to offer for everyone.

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