How is Blockchain Redefining Financial Market Data Platforms in the UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • CoinIndex, a London-based startup, is redefining the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry with the world’s first crypto derivative market data platform.
  • The company provides complete financial data from 54 derivative exchanges, aiming to achieve 100% market data coverage soon.
  • Current offerings include all globally traded derivative contracts from over 50 exchanges, with stability and volatility indices.
  • CoinIndex differentiates itself through its extensive market data collection and its focus on crypto derivatives.

The financial market is witnessing a paradigm shift with the advent of blockchain technology and crypto-assets. While many view crypto-assets as speculative investments, London-based startup, CoinIndex is going beyond this dungeon and reshaping the future of financial market data platforms. A pioneer in its field, the UK startup launched the very first global crypto derivative market data platform in September 2019.

CoinIndex caters to burgeoning investor needs by providing comprehensive finance data from 54 derivative exchanges. CoinIndex bases their service on blockchain technology because of its ability for decentralized control, increased security, privacy measures, and robust integrity of data. As more businesses embark on blockchain adoption, CoinIndex is driving the path with its unique financial data platform.

What sets CoinIndex apart is its focus on the crypto-derivatives market. The platform has enlisted every derivative contract traded globally, involving over 50 exchanges and more than 500 tradable contracts. Forward-looking in its approach, the company offers data on a wide range of crypto-assets like BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, BNB, EOS, USDT and more. The platform not only provides information on price but also details like open interest and volumes.

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CoinIndex maintains a data platform that’s transparent, decentralized, and instrumental in unearthing data accuracy, accessibility, and affordability. Not only does it give the users the independence to validate data but also the efficiency to compare and contrast derivatives. CoinIndex’s commitment to enriching the trader’s experience by enabling complete market transparency sets it at par excellence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Ahead, CoinIndex’s vision is to cover 100% market data soon, thereby becoming the go-to platform for every financial market participant interested in derivative crypto-assets. Overall, CoinIndex is on the journey of establishing a pioneering legacy for other startups in the blockchain and crypto-asset industry. It’s a quintessential example of how blockchain is redefining financial data platforms in the UK and globally.

If you’re interested in staying updated with CoinIndex’s remarkable strides in the industry, you can follow them on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For more information about their operations and services, you can visit their website.

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