Is Mobile Payments Innovation Revolutionising the UK Retail Technology Landscape?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Techwisely Ltd introduces a groundbreaking mobile application aiming to revolutionise the UK retail technology industry through innovation in mobile payments.
  • The startup addresses major retail issues like queuing, loyalty points management, and personalised offers.
  • Techwisely has a long-term vision to make in-store shopping as seamless and efficient as online stores like Amazon Go.
  • With key environmental focus, the innovative company also aims to reduce food wastage in grocery chains.


In the ever-evolving technological landscape of the UK, London-based startup Techwisely Ltd intends to make significant strides in the retail industry. The pulse of retail is fast shifting from the traditional payment methods to more advanced, streamlined and contactless solutions. Techwisely accessed this demographic by offering an innovative mobile application that eliminates the need for checkout queues, optimises loyalty programs, and enables customers to receive personalised offers, defining a new era in retail industry.

The application, available on mobile and smartwatch platforms, serves as a one-stop solution for shoppers who aim to simplify their retail experience. It harnesses the power of Big Data, Mobile Payments and Speech Recognition technologies to empower their users with a faster, smarter, and more personalised shopping experience.

Making a difference

Techwisely’s application differentiates itself by offering an accessible hands-free counterless checkout solution. It eliminates the conventional time-consuming and manually intensive checkout process, enabling users to breeze through their shopping actions without the hassle of queues. More so, the application allows users to manage their loyalty points and avail personalised offers, making the shopping experience more rewarding.

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Amid growing global concerns for environment preservation, Techwisely showcases its corporate social responsibility by integrating a platform to counter food wastage. By offering a comprehensive platform to both large and small grocery chains to control their food usage in an intelligent manner, Techwisely facilitates minimisation of wastage, contributing to a more sustainable retail industry.

Looking Ahead

Techwisely’s aspirations don’t stop at redefining the UK’s retail payment scene. They envision creating an in-store shopping experience to match the magic of online giants like Amazon Go, all the while ensuring this technology is accessible to all retail businesses. While the retail industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Techwisely’s radical innovations are certain to contribute to a progressive shift in the landscape.

Get to know more about Techwisely and its revolutionary application, visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. With founders Faiq Ali Farooqui, Shamail Siddiqui, and Uzair Ahmed Siddiqui at the helm, Techwisely Ltd is shaping up to be a potential game-changer in the UK’s retail industry.

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