How is Data-Driven Online Marketing Transforming the UK Advertising Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Vidliz is revolutionizing the UK’s advertising industry through data-driven online marketing.
  • This Oxford-based company uses sophisticated algorithms and scripts to automate campaign success analysis.
  • Vidliz reflects a broader industry trend towards automation and machine learning in advertising and marketing.
  • The company’s future plans aim to further refine and expand this innovative approach.

When we discuss shifts in the advertising industry, the conversation inevitably turns to the explosion of data. Today’s businesses are using an array of sophisticated tools to extract, analyze, and use this data more effectively, leading to a new era of data-driven online marketing. One company at the forefront of this transformation in the UK advertising industry is Vidliz.

Based in Oxford, Vidliz is a new-age startup founded in 2018 by Jonathan Brin and Ohad Ben Artzi. The company offers a unique proposition – creating measurable marketing campaigns automated to the hilt, with minimal human intervention and maximum machine management. They utilise their propriety algorithms and scripts to test, track and optimize their marketing campaigns.

There are two key aspects to Vidliz’s approach that sets it apart from other players in the industry. Firstly, their relentless focus on leveraging automation and machine learning reflects a deep understanding of the industry’s future direction. By automating the testing and analysis of their campaigns, they free up time for what humans do best – creative and strategic thinking. They’re not replacing humans; they’re making them more effective.

Secondly, the incorporation of constant optimization in their campaigns ensures they are always delivering the highest-performing marketing strategies. This implies Vidliz’s commitment to being agile in a constantly evolving digital landscape as they continuously adapt, learn and improve from the data.

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The potential for Vidliz, and indeed for the whole industry, is vast. As businesses continue to understand the power of data and the efficiency of automation, the demand for such services is undoubtedly set to rise. The biggest challenge for Vidliz will be staying ahead of a rapidly advancing technological curve. As for the future, the co-founders detail plans to further refine their algorithms and expand their suite of services. They share an exciting vision of a future where data-driven marketing is the norm, not the exception.

If Vidliz’s progress so far is anything to go by, this Oxford-based startup is worth keeping an eye on. You can learn more about Vidliz and their pioneering approach to data-driven online marketing by visiting their website at or following them on LinkedIn at

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