How is Smartphone Technology Revolutionising Agriculture and Horticulture Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • With the advent of smartphone technology, startups such as Petiole are turning farming on its head.
  • Petiole provides yield prediction and pest monitoring via a mobile application.
  • Located in London, this startup is keen on revolutionising agriculture, horticulture and farming.
  • The founders, Andrii Seleznov and Maryna Kuzmenko, believe computer vision will bring significant changes to growers’ lives.

The modern agriculture and horticulture industries are witnessing a paradigm shift with advanced technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and now smartphone technology. A prime example of this trend is Petiole, a London-based startup in the fields of Agriculture and Horticulture AgTech. Petiole utilises the accessibility and convenience of smartphones to change the face of the traditional farming industry, creating a more efficient and proactive approach to dealing with crop yields and pests.

Petiole’s worthwhile vision for the future of agriculture involves much more than just technological adoption. It’s about bringing a substantial positive transformation to the lives of food growers across the globe. They’ve harnessed the power of smartphone technology to develop the Petiole Pro app, a tool capable of providing yield predictions and pest presence assessment with just a snap from the growers themselves.

Unlike many other AgTech companies, Petiole makes use of accessible technology – smartphones, creating a practical and cost-effective solution for farmers and growers. Their application uses advanced computer vision techniques to analyse images provided by growers. This information is processed to generate accurate predictions about crop yield and identify the presence of pests. By doing so, the grower can take prompt action on their crops, ensuring better productivity and a higher yield.

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Not just limited to commercial farming or agriculture, Petiole’s technology is equally applicable and beneficial to horticulture, cannabis cultivation, and flower farming. Their all-round approach aims to automate and technologically enhance all aspects of farming and horticulture, making this startup particularly unique and innovative in an industry that is still largely manual and traditional.

The future of this agriculture-focused startup looks incredibly promising. With the continued growth of smartphone usage, especially in developing nations, the reach and impact of applications like Petiole Pro are bound to increase. A landscape once characterised by guesswork and manual observation is now able to flourish under the watchful eye of technology, enabling a more accurate and reliable harvest prediction and pest detection.

An innovative player in the AgTech industry, Petiole is indeed driving a significant shift in agriculture and horticulture. To keep up with their work or to learn more about them, you can visit their website , or follow them on Twitter , Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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