Which UK Supply Chain Startups Are Revolutionising Industry Practices?

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In recent years, England has seen an impressive rise in the number of startups operating in the Supply Chain Management sector. These startups, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud-based systems, are bringing about significant changes in the industry- simplifying processes, increasing transparency, and enhancing overall efficiency. This article gives the spotlight to 15 such exciting and promising Supply Chain Management startups based in the UK.

It’s interesting to note that these startups are not just limited to a single sector but are diversifying into various industries like agriculture, logistics, risk management, to name a few. They are intelligently integrating advanced technologies into their supply chain processes to provide innovative solutions. From enabling digital freight services to helping tackle food waste, or providing smart spend management solutions to enhancing sustainable practices in the supply chain, these companies are paving the way forward.

So without further ado, let’s delve into these startups and take a deeper look into what they bring to the table.


This logistics powerhouse is a digital freight forwarder offering sea, air, and road freight services. Through their platform, businesses can access real-time shipment information and analytics to gain valuable insights. Founded by Alex Hersham, Jan Riethmayer, and Richard Fattal, Zencargo is on a mission to simplify global trade and help businesses thrive.


Transcount is a freight forwarding digitization platform helping logistics companies transform into digital freight forwarding service providers. This disruptive startup offers a comprehensive solution, packing cloud-based freight management software, logistics CRM, freight exchange platform, and freight forwarding partner network into one. Founded by Dovy Senas and Dovydas Riasnojus, Transcount is revolutionizing logistics in the digital age.

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Addressing the critical issue of agricultural food waste, Agronomex has developed a trading and procurement platform that facilitates direct trade between farmers and buyers. Established by Anthony Kerfyser and Pascale Martin, this startup is providing an innovative solution to improve efficiency and reduce food waste in the agricultural supply chain.


Offering smart spend management software, Yordex makes it easier for businesses to manage their finances in one place. From invoice processing, expense management to supplier payments, Yordex provides a suite of B2B payment services. Founded by Erik De Kroon and Hardeep Nagi, this startup offers a clear solution for businesses seeking to gain more control over their spendings.

Fils Investments

Fils Investments offers business software and mobile app solutions, specializing in robotics, software engineering, and supply chain management. This software house was founded by Stefano Fregoni and has positioned itself as a leader in the development of innovative software solutions.


A cloud-native consultancy, ControlPlane is securing Kubernetes from supply-chain and runtime attacks with a continuous security approach. Founded by Andrew Martin, this startup offers a robust security solution for businesses working on open-source platforms.


Circulor employs blockchain technology to provide traceability-as-a-service and supply chain solutions for manufacturers. Founded by Douglas Johnson-Poensgen and Veera Johnson, this startup is setting standards for sustainability and transparency within the industry.


Beacon is a digital freight forwarding platform that optimizes supply chains with insights and visibility. Founded by Dmitri Izmailov and Fraser Robinson, Beacon provides a holistic and streamlined approach to freight management.

Risk Ledger

Risk Ledger, co-founded by Daniel Saul and Haydn Brooks, offers the world’s most advanced vendor risk management platform, built on the model of a secure social network. Their platform helps procurement teams reduce 3rd party security risks in their supply chain efficiently.

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Sellar simplifies the trade ordering experience for breweries selling directly to trade customers. A creation of James Powell, Julian Bourne, and Matt Pritchard, Sellar offers a unique solution for breweries looking to streamline their trade processes and enhance efficiency.


Chill-Chain, founded by Jack Fleming, offers temperature-controlled logistics and transportation services. This approach ensures the longevity and freshness of products during transport, making it a go-to service for companies looking to enhance their supply chains.

Supply Change

Supply Change offers a unique approach to supply chains by linking social enterprises with procurement teams. By doing so, they help create more sustainable and socially responsible supply chains.

Acqua Tower Growing Systems

Acqua Tower Growing Systems is a consumer goods manufacturing company offering automated vertical gardening equipment. This novel approach improves efficiency and reduces the ecological footprint, fostering sustainability in the supply chain.

Proco Commodities

Proco Commodities is an expert team working across the global energy and commodities supply chain. Providing crucial insights into risk management, their platform has become an essential tool for stakeholders in the energy sector.

For Partnership

For Partnership is a consulting firm that offers supply chain and logistics solutions for retail and e-commerce businesses. Their bespoke solutions are delivering significant value to businesses operating in these sectors.

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