How are Oxford Software Startups Shaping the UK Tech Scene?

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Located right at the heart of the United Kingdom is the eclectic city of Oxford, well-renowned for its world class research-centred University, rich history, and vibrant culture. An interesting and lesser-known fact, however, is the development of Oxford’s city centre into a burgeoning hub for technological innovation, notably among software startups. These pioneers of innovation are forging the pathways to a future dominated by digital transformation, utilising the power of the latest technological advancements to solve complex problems across an extensive range of industries. In this article, we celebrate fifteen of these exciting Oxford-based software startups making waves in the tech world.


Vizidox is a blockchain technology firm spearheaded by Freddy Elturk. This Provenance-as-a-Service company combines blockchain, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and Information Technology to foster greater efficiency and trust in our increasingly interconnected world.


Wevedo is revolutionising event planning via their unique app. They provide suppliers a platform to directly connect with users, creating streamlined communication in the event planning space.


Founded by Ali El Kaafarani, PQShield specializes in helping customers transition from RSA and Elliptic Curve cryptography to quantum-safe standards. It aims to protect digital assets from cyber threats in this quantum world.


Plyable aims to transform the composites manufacturing sector. The startup, founded by Adam England, Adam Lofts, and Martin Oughton, leverages Artificial Intelligence, CAD, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning to create a global marketplace for composite tooling.

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Melu, founded by Lee Rennie, offers 24/7 live chat services for businesses across numerous industries. The company integrates Information Technology, Internet, Lead Generation, and Software to deliver on-demand customer contact solutions.


EcoSync, founded by Miklos Mohos and Zsuzsa Mayer, provides a tech-driven solution for energy management. The company’s platform uses Cloud Computing, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, and Software to help commercial buildings avoid heating empty rooms, aiming to reduce energy consumption by 30-50%.

Foresight Works

Atif Ansar helms Foresight Works, a company committed to improving the management and execution of megaprojects across a variety of industries. The company uses analytics and IT for better project handling.

Living Optics

Living Optics, an imaging technology company, was founded by Muhammad Firmansyah, Robin Wang, and Zachary Yerushalmi, combining Image Recognition, Information Technology, and Software for capturing and processing information.

Machine Discovery

Machine Discovery is a University of Oxford spin-off commercializing new machine learning technology. Led by founders Gianluca Gregori, Muhammad Firmansyah, and Sam Vinko, this start-up is contributing to the AI and Machine Learning revolution.

OX. Digital Health

Navigating the digital healthcare space, OX. Digital Health provides a cloud native open API platform integrated across various medical pathways. The organization is enhancing patient experience and making healthcare more accessible.


VSR2 LIMITED offers a range of IT solutions including call recording, wallboard software, reporting, and various other products aimed at transforming digital communications in businesses.

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After Cloud

After Cloud acts as a digital bridge between life and legacy with SaaS applications including Journals, Moments and Timelines. These services aim to improve human connection and facilitate personal storytelling in the digital age.

Salience Labs

Salience Labs, under the leadership of Harish Bhaskaran, Johannes Feldmann, and Vaysh Kewada, aims to revolutionise AI with a hybrid photonic-electronic chip. The combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sensor, and Software technologies can potentially reshape how AI systems are built.

vTail Healthcare Communications

Founders Barry Wolfenson, Lynn Wong, and Phil Andrews are building SuperConnected™ commercial healthcare ecosystems with vTail Healthcare Communications. The organization combines Healthcare, Social Media, and Software to drive digital transformation in health communications.

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