How is This Startup Revolutionising Global Receivables Management in Fintech?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Baker Ing specialises in end-to-end receivables management, offering first party collections, debt recovery, and legal services.
  • The company employs a unique approach, catering to clients in a tailored, consultative manner, servicing any country, time zone, or language.
  • Baker Ing’s innovation lies not only in the service it offers, but how it’s delivered, bringing a fresh perspective to the global fintech industry.
  • At the heart of Baker Ing’s business model is an emphasis on creating a unique client experience through expert consulting.

Established in London, England, Baker Ing is a fast-growing, innovative startup disrupting the realms of financial services and legal sectors, transforming how receivables are managed on a global scale. With a team comprised of credit professionals from across geographies, this enterprising fintech firm has expertise covering all aspects of the order-to-cash process.

Through its services, which include first-party collections, debt recovery, and a potent array of legal services, the startup helps businesses deftly navigate the numerous challenges posed in managing receivables effectively. Recognised for their distinct service delivery approach, Baker Ing unites technology, traditional financial acumen, and innovative methodologies to shape a unique receivables management solution.

Distinguishing Baker Ing from its competitors is the holistic and customised approach it brings to receivables management. This startup is not just about process definition and execution, but also provides access to experienced consulting, which many businesses can overlook when tackling receivable management issues. It’s ability to service any country, time zone, or language is another remarkable aspect setting it apart from conventional solutions, as the company lays strong emphasis on flexibility and scalability.

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Also, Baker Ing’s commitment to prioritising customer experience is another defining business characteristic. To them, every client is unique, and they dedicate time and effort in creating and implementing strategies tailor-made to the clients’ distinct needs and business environments. As a result, they help businesses improve their cash flows and reduce bad debt provisions, thereby impacting the bottom line positively.

As we move towards a future where traditional boundaries no longer limit businesses, Baker Ing is leading by a bold example in accounting tech, transforming global receivables management for businesses. It maintains a position at the forefront of revolutionising financial services and in doing so, is shaping a new standard in the fintech industry. With their novel approach to a longstanding financial issue, it is well on its way to becoming benchmark for others.

In years to come, expect Baker Ing to continue broadening its global reach, advancing its inventive methodologies and rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s leading businesses. Keep a close eye on this exciting firm by following their journey here.

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