Is Advanced EV Smart Charging Transforming the UK Electric Vehicle Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • Hypervolt is a London-based startup pioneering advances in EV smart charging technology
  • The company offers seamless, over the air firmware updates and advanced cost reports
  • No Earth rod required for installation, making it more secure and efficient
  • Hypervolt is changing the face of the EV industry in the UK, encouraging greater electric vehicle uptake


As the world aims to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change, the electric vehicle industry in the UK is undergoing significant transformation. Leading this revolution is Hypervolt, a London-based energy company specialising in the development and manufacture of EV smart chargers for electronic devices. Founded by Benjamin Edwards and Flavian Alexandru, Hypervolt has positioned itself as a game-changer in the burgeoning EV market.

What sets Hypervolt apart is their innovative use of technology. The company’s chargers connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks, providing seamless updates to the latest firmware. This means customers always have access to the latest features, creating a user-friendly experience. Additionally, Hypervolt’s chargers do not necessitate an Earth Rod due to integrated pen protection, making them faster and more secure than conventional models.

Hypervolt’s Differential

What sets Hypervolt apart from competitors in the market is the innovative mix of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and advanced technology in their charging solutions. Apart from the over-the-air firmware updates, users have access to detailed cost reports, scheduled charging, and other smart features that optimise energy tariffs. This allows users to make the most of their EV charging, on their terms and at the next level of comfort and cost control.

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This integration of advanced technology does not just end at giving users seamless and updated experiences. Hypervolt’s chargers take away the need for an Earth Rod, making the installation process less expensive, faster, and considerably safer. The cutting-edge pen protection in place ensures these features are delivered with the utmost safety, thus setting a new standard in EV charging solutions.


The future of Hypervolt and the broader EV industry within the UK seems promising. Hypervolt’s focus on introducing cutting-edge technology and user-focused features positions the company at the forefront of this growth-driven sector. With the UK government pushing to increase electric vehicle adoption and zero-emission zones, EV smart charging will play a decisive role in the transformation.

Stay updated with Hypervolt through their website, or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By driving the transition to a more sustainable transport model with advanced EV charging, Hypervolt is doing more than powering vehicles – they are shaping the future of mobility in the UK.

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