Who are England’s Most Influential Data Visualization Startups in 2023?

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In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of startups harness the power of data visualization in England. These innovative companies are turning raw data into accessible, insightful, and impactful visuals that inform decisions across industries. From financial services to insurtech to edutech, these UK startups are revolutionizing the way we access and understand data.

Data visualization is often referred to as the ‘face’ of data. It’s a rapidly evolving field that focuses on the visual representation of data, paving the way for quicker insights and better business decisions. Across all sectors, companies are harnessing data visualization to make sense of vast and complex datasets, and these startups are leading the charge.

We have compiled a list of 15 English startups that are innovating in the data visualization space. These startups vary in terms of their focus areas and industries, but all share a common goal – to transform complicated data sets into accessible insights.

Mammoth Analytics

Founders Gaurav Dudhoria aims to simplify the complex with Mammoth Analytics. Their platform provides tools that transform and analyse complex data without any coding. Mammoth Analytics is making its mark within the Analytics, Data Visualization, Information Services, and SaaS sectors.

ESG Book

ESG Book, founded by Andreas Feiner, Dominic Selwood, and Hans-Robert Arndt, is a global leader in sustainability data and technology. Renowned within the Financial Services and Fintech circles, this startup is trusted by some of the world’s largest financial organisations.

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Founder Emmanuel Olatunji is leading Intelance to connect teams and data for limitless possibilities. As a frontrunner in Data Integration, Data Mining, and Data Visualization, this startup is carving a path in the industry.


Creating an advanced traffic analytics platform via artificial intelligence is GoodVision’s aim. Founders Daniel Stofan and Lukas Hruby are pushing the boundaries in the sectors of Big Data, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.


Founders Alberto Romero, Chris Clarke, and Mark Musson of Humn.ai have hit the ground running in the industry of Data Visualization. They’re combining IoT data with geospatial risk models to create per-trip insurance premiums for commercial auto.


NeuroCreate, founded by Gregory Grefenstette and Shama Rahman, is enhancing mental health and augmenting creativity with their AI-driven neuroscience-designed platform.


Delivering world-class solutions, BI:PROCSI is leaving its footprint in Consulting, Data Visualization and Information Technology.

Engaging Data

Engaging Data provides data warehousing, analytics, data visualization training, and consulting services to businesses, solidifying its spot in the Information Technology sector.


With services ranging from brand strategy, data visualization to website design, VISU.AL, led by Fil Greenwich, has made its mark in the Advertising and Graphic Design sectors.


Empowering politics with A.I., analytics and targeted advertising is the mission of Worldacquire. Founder Christopher Treshan Perera is pushing the boundaries in the sectors of Analytics and Digital Marketing.

Real Metric Analytics

Providing football data analytics services for scouting & performance departments, Real Metric Analytics has left a mark on the Big Data industry.


Founders Alasdair Munn, Clare Stewart Munn, and Elisabetta Zucchi of BoxMedia aim to empower the digital generation through edutainment tools and accredited education.

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Offering applications that automate, simplify and digitise finance and reporting processes, Xyenta is making strides in the Fintech and Insurtech industry.


Lume offers self-service virtual data rooms to react to insights faster. The startup is making headway in the Data Visualization and Software industries.


Founder Jonathan Williams has made his mark on the industry with Xerini. The software, designed with passion and crafted with care, promises to deliver solutions in data engineering, machine learning, and system integration.

This startup landscape in England showcases the innovative ways businesses are using data visualization. Whether it’s clarifying complex information, predicting trends, or improving decision-making processes, these startups are at the forefront of this exciting field.

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