Is Blockchain the Future of Sustainable Smart Energy Systems?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Power Transition is revolutionising the energy industry through a peer-to-peer energy trading and microgrid management system based on blockchain technology.
  • The company is based in Dover, Kent and was founded by software and energy veteran, Anthony Morgan.
  • From residential rooftop solar to utility-scale renewable energy supply, Power Transition is geared towards sustainable smart energy systems.

With the world gradually shifting towards renewable sources of energy and tech-forward solutions, one UK startup has risen to the occasion. Power Transition, headquartered in Dover, Kent, is pioneering the future of sustainable, smart energy systems. Leveraging the prowess and security of blockchain technology, this innovative company has devised a unique platform for peer-to-peer energy trading and microgrid management.

Power Transition’s genesis stems from the visionary mindset of its founder Anthony Morgan. The company’s innovative model operates on a cloud-based software and hardware platform, perfecting a distinctive blend of software architecture and blockchain technology to revolutionise the energy sector.

What sets Power Transition apart from other similar startups is its dual benefit approach. The company not only democratizes energy distribution, giving power back to the individuals, but also facilitates grid balancing, non-financial reporting, and behavioural change through game theory. By enabling peer-to-peer energy trading, the platform makes efficient use of the excess generation of energy that might have otherwise gone to waste.

Furthermore, Power Transition’s offer extends beyond residential scale, reaching out to commercial and other utility-scale intermittent renewable energy supply. This broad scale operation, enhanced by battery storage, allows prosumers or participants the luxury to trade excess generation with one another via the platform.

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In conclusion, Power Transition emerges as a leader in the integration of blockchain and smart energy systems. As the industry evolves towards more sustainable methods, Anthony Morgan and his trailblazing team are poised to help mould the future of energy trading and distribution.

The industry’s forward momentum seems inexorable, and Power Transition is at the helm, directing it towards a greener, more democratic and efficient trajectory. Connect and learn more about this exciting disruptor: visit the website at here, follow them on Twitter here, like their Facebook page here, and check their LinkedIn profile here.

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