Is FinTech the Game Changer for UK Business Financial Services?

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Is FinTech the Game Changer for UK Business Financial Services? One UK startup, BankiFi, might just be the proof in the pudding. Founded by Mark Hartley with its headquarters in Manchester, BankiFi is in the business of providing solutions for customers throughout their entire business journey. Their main aim? To help businesses right from their ‘Gig’ phase through to their full-fledged SME stage and beyond, cost effectively and efficiently.

This innovative startup operates within the Financial Services and FinTech industries, linking the traditional finance practices with new-age technology to bring about transformative changes in the UK business sector. BankiFi is driving this change by leveraging its cutting-edge technology and resources to ensure that businesses acquire new customers early and cost-effectively, while banking on staying with them for life. Definitely bold moves for a new industry entrant.

Key takeaways:

  • BankiFi is a Manchester-based startup operating within Financial Services and FinTech Industries.
  • It offers cost-effective solutions to businesses enabling them to acquire new customers early and retain them for life.
  • BankiFi’s unique approach and technology differentiates it in the crowded fintech landscape.
  • Its he game changer for UK business financial services especially for small and growing businesses.

What sets BankiFi apart from its competitors is its unique approach to supporting businesses. By focusing on providing solutions that grow along with a business’ lifecycle, they ensure their clients’ evolving needs are always met. Furthermore, their sophisticated offerings cater to businesses of all sizes, right from sole traders and micro businesses through to SMEs and larger enterprises with international operations.

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Another key differential for BankiFi is its technology. While many traditional financial service providers struggle with adopting and integrating technology, BankiFi is built on it. The company heavily relies on modern fintech innovations to provide seamless, reliable and cost-effective services to its customers.

As we look at the path ahead for BankiFi, it’s obvious that its innovative approach combined with a robust, tech-driven strategy positions it strongly in the ever-growing UK fintech scene. With its cost-effective and adaptable solutions, BankiFi has the potential to revolutionise business financial services, providing significant support for smaller businesses and startups, the backbone of UK’s business sector.

It will be exciting to watch this startup as it continues to influentially shape the future of the UK business financial sector. For more information on BankiFi’s offerings and updates, visit their website at and follow them on Twitter at and LinkedIn at

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