Is Gamification the Future of Career Development in EdTech Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • UJJI is a startup based in Oxford, UK that is revolutionising the EdTech industry through gamification.
  • The startup’s platform assists in the skilling, upskilling, and reskilling of young workers in the modern workforce.
  • UJJI’s innovative approach may be indicative of broader industry shifts in the use of technology in career development.

As the lines between living, learning, and working blur in the increasingly digital world, startups like UJJI are stepping up to address emerging needs. Based in Oxford, UJJI has created a gamified career development platform for the Gen-Z and Millennial workforce. The “Duolingo” of career development, UJJI recognises the importance of up-skilling and reskilling in the modern job market and leverages the appeal of gamification to draw in users.

Using behavioural sciences and gamified e-learning, UJJI aims to ensure that young employees can gain the necessary skills to thrive in their work environments. It is an innovative approach that does more than just address current career development needs – it sets the stage for the future of EdTech industry.

There are several factors that set UJJI apart. Foremost among these is the use of gamification to make learning engaging and enjoyable for users. By adopting this strategy, UJJI makes the process of skilling, upskilling, and reskilling a game that users want to win, rather than a chore to be plodded through. The platform also applies behavioural sciences to align the user’s learning with their career goals.

Furthermore, with the current wave of digitisation across industries gaining momentum, UJJI has positioned itself to capitalise on the demand for e-learning resources. Given its innovative approach and industry relevance, UJJI is a startup to keep an eye on.

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Looking ahead, the future of UJJI and indeed the EdTech industry appears to be largely shaped by the shift to more engaging and immersive online learning experiences. Gamification could indeed play a significant role in the future of career development, with UJJI leading the way. Innovations such as UJJI’s platform make it clear that technology has a lot to offer in flexible, accessible, and engaging approaches to lifelong learning and career progression.

Follow the journey of this groundbreaking startup with their official website here, or stay updated through social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. Founders Ludmila Milla, and Rafael Guper continue to pioneer the future of the EdTech industry with their cutting-edge ideas. Reach out them at [email protected].

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