Is New Local Social Media Platform Revolutionising UK Community Engagement?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Circle is a new social media platform focused on connecting local communities with elected officials.
  • The platform is changing the way UK communities engage with their leaders and each other.
  • Circle offers direct access to community representatives, promoting quick resolution of local issues.
  • The startup, founded by Jeremy Allaire and Mohammed Urfan, is based in Keighley, Bradford, United Kingdom.

Circle, a startup based in Keighley, Bradford, United Kingdom is revolutionising the way communities interact with their local officials. Founded by Jeremy Allaire and Mohammed Urfan, Circle is a social media platform that specifically targets community engagement. It serves as a bridge between the populace and their elected officials, facilitating conversations that pave the way for community empowerment and proactive resolution management.

This platform aims to disrupt traditional modes of communication, thereby amplifying voices that were previously underrepresented. Circle provides unique value: it ‘localises’ social media – moulding it into a powerful vehicle for social discourse, policy change, and community growth.

What distinguishes Circle from its counterparts is its focused approach towards local engagement. Unlike general platforms that spread information globally, Circle centres around issues affecting its users and their immediate locality. The use of this app aids in confronting and resolving local issues promptly, as one can take them straight to their respective officials.

Furthermore, the platform also enables group discussions, helping in fostering a sense of community. For local officials, it serves as a quicker and more efficient method to disseminate important information, listen to their constituents’ concerns, and actively engage in resolving them.

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Circle, with its unique approach towards local social media, is set to transform the UK’s community engagement and political discourse. Improving the speed at which issues are recognised and addressed can lead to a healthier community dynamic and an overall better governing system.

The future looks promising for this startup and the industry it heralds. As technology continues to bring changes to the ways communities interact, companies like Circle prove that innovations can be deployed for not just convenience, but also for better democratic governance.

Learn more about Circle on their website at and follow them on their social media handles for the latest updates.

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