Is Next-Gen 3D Tech Revolutionising the Media and Entertainment Industry?

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Key takeaways:

  • Based in London, Volta is carving out a space for itself in the intersection of 3D technology, media & entertainment, and the performing arts.
  • Volta’s toolset and platform is geared towards artists and creators to design and broadcast experiential content.
  • Despite being a startup, Volta has already partnered with major companies like Warner, Beatport, Boiler Room, and Mixcloud.
  • Volta’s XR (extended reality) platform redefines music experiences, reaching wide audiences with innovative content.

In the hustle and bustle of the digital landscape, there’s an intriguing UK startup that’s making a statement in the media and entertainment industry. Based in London, Volta operates at the intersection of 3D technology, performing arts, and the wider media landscape. The company offers a revolutionary XR creation platform that allows artists and creators to design and broadcast experiential content. As the shift towards digital platforms continues, Volta represents the crest of this wave, pushing the boundaries of conventional media and entertainment.

Volta stands out not just for its unique application of 3D technology, but also for its commitment to providing potent tools for those who make and create. The company has developed a no-code 3D visual tool. Creators and artists can design their immersive experiences in one of Volta’s pre-made templates and then broadcast their work. But Volta’s vision goes beyond individual toolsets. The company sees itself at the vanguard of music technology development, providing the next generation of music experiences to a global audience.

The startup has already drawn attention within and outside the industry. Notable partnerships have been formed with media giants like Warner, Beatport, Boiler Room, and Mixcloud. These partnerships reflect the potential of Volta’s technology and its appeal within the media and entertainment industry. The company’s unique approach not only paves the way for the future of the industry but also opens up a world of possibilities for independent artists and creators, who now have access to powerful broadcasting tools.

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Looking to the future, it’s clear that Volta is revolutionising the media and entertainment industry. As the company grows and continues to innovate, it’s keeping the needs and aspirations of artists and creators at the heart of its mission. With experiential content taking centre stage in the digital world, Volta is providing the necessary tools and platform to bring a new dimension to media and entertainment. Explore more about Volta and their workings by visiting their website here or connecting with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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