Is On-Demand Staffing the Future of Health and Hospitality Industries?

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Shift2go Limited, a Bristol-based startup, is breaking ground by embracing the unique concept of on-demand staffing. Paving the way in the healthcare, hospitality, driving, and warehousing sectors, this innovative company has redefined the conventional process of job recruitment by connecting local skilled staff with available shifts instantaneously. But does this new model signify a shift in the future of staffing in the health and hospitality industries? In this article, we will answer that question by unpacking the unique features of Shift2go Limited and its implications on the future of these sectors.

In today’s technologically advanced world, convenience is of utmost priority, and flexibility has become synonymous with work culture. Shift2go, fully engaged in this new approach, is affiliated with SETsquared Bristol, the world’s top global incubator. Through its digital platform, Shift2go is revolutionising the job marketplace by providing a path that suits both businesses and self-employed contractors, the beneficiaries of the gig economy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shift2go has pushed the boundaries of on-demand staffing in the health and hospitality sector.
  • Offers businesses the ability to select staff based on their skills, feedback ratings, and work history.
  • White-collar professionals can choose the work shifts flexibly that fit their lifestyle the best.
  • Supported by SETsquared Bristol, Shift2go gives industries control and flexibility in hiring local skilled staff.

What differentiates Shift2go from conventional staffing agencies is that it not only provides a flexible working environment but also allows companies to choose the candidates based on their past history and feedback ratings. By bridging the gap between employees and employers, it fosters the growth of trust and transparency in the staffing process. People can select shifts that complement their skills and autonomy.

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On the other hand, businesses regain control, sidestepping the drawn-out process of hiring and sifting through countless CVs. They have direct access to professionals whose qualifications, skills match their requirements. They can also view feedback, ratings given by previous employers – a priceless asset not provided by traditional recruitment firms.

The future for Shift2go appears promising as the concept of on-demand staff starts becoming more appreciated. The gig economy has been growing rapidly, boosted further by the COVID-19 pandemic. With people seeking more flexible work arrangements and businesses needing more agility, on-demand staffing platforms like Shift2go are perfectly poised to lead this transformation.

Shift2go’s innovative approach to streamlining the recruitment process echoes beautifully with today’s need for flexibility and instant gratification, all while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. On-demand staffing like Shift2go Limited presents a promising future, where staffing solutions are no longer a source of dread, but an asset that drives efficiency and productivity.
For more information visit Shift2go Limited. Follow their socials on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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