Is Sharing Economy the Future of Elderly Independent Home Living in UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Good Life Sorted is an UK-based startup revolutionising elderly care through the sharing economy
  • It connects the elderly with local vetted helpers for non-medical home-based help, promoting independence
  • Good Life Sorted operates across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Sussex and Kent in the UK
  • The services offered by Good Life Sorted could be a vital element in the future of independent home living for the elderly in the UK

With an ageing population that values independent living, the UK is seeing a surge in innovative solutions that assist the elderly in maintaining their independence. One such solution is Good Life Sorted, a London-based startup helping people enjoy living independently at home for longer. Bringing the sharing economy to elderly care, the platform connects elderly individuals with vetted, local helpers for non-medical home help.

The concept behind Good Life Sorted revolves around the idea that separating home help from personal care can make the former more affordable, thereby aiding the elderly in maintaining their independence for as long as possible. The platform offers its services across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Sussex and Kent, covering an extensive geographical footprint in the UK.

Leveraging the sharing economy model, Good Life Sorted adds a unique twist to elderly care – focusing on home help rather than personal care. This model not only makes such services more affordable but also ensures that the elderly can live independently in their own homes longer. Each ‘helper’ on the platform is carefully vetted to ensure safety and trust, embedding a layer of reassurance for the users.

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Good Life Sorted is more than just an online platform; it’s a community that fosters connection and mutual aid. It goes beyond the traditional model of elderly care services by providing an avenue for the elderly to interact with their local community members. This feature sets them apart in the industry, filling a gap often overlooked in typical elderly care – the need for connection, engagement, and an active community.

As the UK population continues to age, startups like Good Life Sorted play a crucial role in fostering an environment of independence for the elderly. With their innovative approach to elderly care, they are shaping the future of elderly independent home living in the UK, making it more affordable, compassionate and community-driven.

The potential for Good Life Sorted and others in the elder care sector is vast, as they continue to adapt and meet the unique needs of the ageing population. They inspire us to rethink traditional elderly care models and understand how the sharing economy can bring a fresh, valuable spin to it. Connect with Good Life Sorted on their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay updated with their journey.

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