Is this Anti-Fraud Platform Revolutionising Secure Transaction Processing in Fintech?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Thirdfort is a London-based fintech startup focusing on Anti Fraud Platforms to ensure secure transactions.
  • Its technology combines KYC, AML and payment fraud technology for a comprehensive client onboarding process.
  • By leveraging Open Banking and transaction-specific data, Thirdfort reduces the risk associated with verifying clients in law, property, and finance.
  • FCA regulated, it has raised over $25m in capital from top fintech investors and successful founders.

Is the world of fintech about to witness a revamp in secure transaction processing? If one promising startup, Thirdfort, has its way, the answer is an emphatic Yes. Enlightenment has often dawned from the streets of London and in the fintech world, this innovative startup is pushing boundaries to consolidate its position as a pioneer in secure verification. The firm specialises in developing robust Anti Fraud Platforms aimed at ensuring the security of big life transactions.

Thirdfort merges Key Customer Identification (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and payment fraud technology into a comprehensive, user-friendly verification system. Aimed at professionals involved in law, property, and finance, it promises to abbreviate the client verification time from weeks to mere minutes, offering a potent competitive advantage in a world where time is money.

What sets Thirdfort apart from its contemporaries is its intelligent harnessing of Open Banking and transaction-specific data. These advanced technologies allow the firm to provide swift and accurate information about any potential risk factors associated with verification processes for both individual and corporate clients. This feature not only empowers professionals to screen out fraudsters but also ensures the safety of genuine transactions.

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Thirdfort is a certified operator under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), further guaranteeing the trustworthiness of its services. Their success has not gone unnoticed in the investment world either. The startup has raised a remarkable $25m from leading fintech investors Breega and Element Ventures, with additional support from the founders of highly successful businesses like Zoopla, Funding Circle, ComplyAdvantage, Tessian, Fenergo, and Fidel.

The future seems bright for Thirdfort, and by extension, the entire fintech landscape. By redefining methods to combat fraud and secure authentication, the company has set a precedent for future innovation in the sector. Whether it is law, property, or finance, Thirdfort’s groundbreaking technology aims to gain the trust of professionals by ensuring that key transactions are always secure and fast.

For more insights into Thirdfort’s revolutionary vision for secure transaction processing, visit their website or stay updated via their social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By exploring Thirdfort’s solutions, businesses can stay one step ahead in their mission to provide impeccable services in an increasingly insecure digital world.

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