Which London Dating Startups are Revolutionising UK’s Romance Scene?

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London has always been a hub for creative startups, and the dating industry is no exception. With a plethora of dating startups in the UK capital, it’s clear that entrepreneurs are increasingly focusing on building innovative platforms to revolutionize how people meet, date, and build relationships. Whether they’re harnessing artificial intelligence or incorporating game-like features to make dating more fun, these London-based startups are redefining the dating scene.

From AI-driven matchmakers to dating apps that focus on improving existing relationships, these companies offer unique solutions to some of today’s dating challenges. As the popularity of dating apps continues to grow, so does the need for diverse platforms catering to specific demographics and user needs. Let’s take a closer look at some key players contributing to London’s thriving dating startup scene.

Here are 15 stand-out dating startups from London that are making waves in the industry:


Reveal is a location-based dating app focused on facilitating communication between interested users. Founded by Edward Harvey, Sean Ferriter, and Tom Buzzard, it’s redefining how individuals connect and interact in the dating arena.


Founders Jack Barham, introduced HappyGo, a dating app that sets up blind dates between users who share mutual friends on Facebook. It’s giving the traditional concept of blind dating a modern twist.


The Meetro platform is a travel companion app that combines elements of dating, navigation, and social networking. It’s building bridges and connecting individuals in a unique way.

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Mai Tai Group

The Mai Tai Group offers a bespoke members service designed to connect professional Londoners. It’s an innovative approach to streamline and enhance the dating experience for busy professionals.

OTP London Ltd

OTP London Ltd are the software publishers behind the OTP.AR WORLD App. The startup has integrated augmented reality and big data into a captivating dating experience.


Thursday, founded by David Sutherland, George Rawlings, and Matthew McNeill Love, redefines what dating apps can be by solving problems created by excessive dating app usage.

The One

The One, launched by Jack Jaworski, offers a systematic and user-friendly platform that matches two strangers for online dating.


Founded by Sol Ade, Brezaa uses interactive game features to ease communication and engagement between users on its dating app. It’s a fun and innovative approach to online dating.


Meetual is a dating platform created by Anton Firth and Praveen Prathapan, connecting people online and offering a new perspective on social networking.


Lumen is an app-only dating platform for over 50s, matching its users based on mutual interests. Antoine Argouges and Charly Lester took the helm in this innovative venture.


Paired is an everyday relationship-improvement tool. Kevin Shanahan helped envision this app to continually improve couples’ relationships.


Zodier, co-founded by Mathew Gramovich and Slava Kalevich, is a chatbot-powered dating solution integrated into popular messenger platforms.

Blind Cupid

Innovator Alexander Mitchell is the founder of Blind Cupid, an app which uses AI and philosophy to match users based on their values.


MeetCute, established by Bobby Tang, is a dating app leveraging AI technology to enhance conversation and relationship development.

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BARE: Dating Less Serious

BARE is a dating platform cofounded by Alex Sergent, Gillian Myhill, and Phil Beesley, allowing women to share their photos in a safe and enjoyable way.

In conclusion, London’s dating industry showcases a diverse array of innovative startups, each offering unique and transformative approaches to connect individuals. With their innovative solutions and differentiating features, these companies continue to contribute to the evolution of the dating scene, both locally and beyond.

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