Which Open Source Startups are Transforming England’s Tech Scene?

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As the technological revolution continues to reshape the global economy, many companies in the United Kingdom are leveraging open-source to drive innovation and foster collaboration. Open source technology, where the source code is released under a license which grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose, has been lauded for its potential to bolster transparency, improve efficiency, and maximize affordability. Here, we shine the spotlight on fifteen open source startups, leading the charge in this ever-evolving landscape.

From corporate training powerhouses to trailblazing blockchain firms and data control pioneers, these startups exemplify the enormous potential open source technology harbours to transform industries and shape a more interconnected world. As they continue to innovate and set new benchmarks for excellence, these 15 companies are reinventing the playbook in their respective verticals, showing that open source is more than just a disruptor—it’s the new norm.

Get familiar with these forward-thinking UK-based startups and find out how their cutting-edge solutions are revolutionizing sectors, influencing tech trends, and propelling the economy towards a more agile and data-driven future.


CO:CUBED is a company that helps FTSE100 companies embrace the startup revolution by defining and executing their collaborative innovation capabilities. Working in various sectors such as corporate training, event management, and innovation management, this open-source startup is redefining how businesses can collaborate and innovate effectively. Founded by Jeremy Basset, CO:CUBED continues to lead the charge in driving business innovation.

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Jaaz Portal

Offering an out-of-box, automated web hosting solution, Jaaz Portal is leveraging open-source technology to innovate the web design and hosting space. By combining their expertise in open source and web design, this company embodies the gold standard of maximized affordability and innovation in its industry.


As a protocol for decentralised lending and borrowing, Aave is a trailblazer in the area of open source cryptography. Founded by Stani Kulechov, the startup provides a non-custodial platform that promotes security and transparency.

Pillar Project

The Pillar Project offers an innovative platform for efficiently managing your identity and transacting with the services of the emerging web3 digital economy. The blockchain-based startup, founded by David Siegel, Michael Messele, and Robert Gaskell, works on asset management, mobile payments, and open source technologies.


Specializing in cyber security, mobile apps, privacy, and web design, Kryotech is an app development company making waves in the tech industry. The open source startup was founded by Jean-Brunel Webb-Benjamin.


ControlPlane, founded by Andrew Martin, is a cloud-native consultancy firm dedicated to securing Kubernetes from supply-chain and runtime attacks with a zero trust, continuous security approach. This open source startup is working in the cybersecurity and network security industry.


Patchstack is a website security and monitoring platform that provides top-notch security solutions to protect your website. Founded by Oliver Sild and Tauri Karson, this open-source startup continues to fortify cyber security with their innovative solutions.


Developing an open-source password and document manager for teams, Caesar.Team underscores the importance of data management and security. Founded by Aleksandr Beshkenadze, Egor Tomilin, and Evgeny Scherbak, they are making strides in the IT industry.

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Offering learning solutions including learning infrastructure and custom training programs, LearnerShape is a distinguished firm in the IT and education space. They solidify the importance of continuous learning and professional development through their open source technologies.


Pushing the boundaries in the construction industry, Speckle provides open source digital infrastructure for anything designed in 3D. Founded by Dimitrie Stefanescu and Matteo Cominetti, they enable creative professionals to manage streamlined workflows.

Postjer CMS

Founded by Hudi Shehu and Ylli Merkohasani, Postjer CMS transforms your data, people, and organizations. Their blogging platforms, CMS, and e-commerce solutions are exceptional examples of innovative open-source programming.

NovaMining Labs

In stealth mode and working on Bitcoin-related developments, NovaMining Labs, founded by Mattia Pintus, epitomizes the cutting-edge ethos of open source frontier technology.

Via Protocol

Via Protocol, an advanced cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol, is another unforgettable player in the blockchain and open source industry. It was founded by Daniil Okhlopkov and Serafim Korablev.


BoxyHQ, founded by Carlos Samame and Deepak Prabhakara, puts security at the forefront through their open-source security-as-code solutions that help developers automate product security.

Calimero Network

Last but not least, Calimero Network, a blockchain infrastructure firm that helps clients in controlling data. Founded by Mario Halambek, their use of open source technology is shaping the future of data management and control.

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