Is This Innovative Sports Training App Revolutionising UK Coaching Strategies?

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Key Takeaways:

  • coachingeasy is a Sport Training Management Information System based in London, UK.
  • This innovative app provides tools and solutions to coaches and their athletes, integrating the use of technology into sports coaching.
  • Founded by Mounir Alloun, the team behind coachingeasy has diverse backgrounds in sports, technology and innovation.
  • coachingeasy could potentially revolutionise coaching strategies by centralising and making training information accessible and easily manageable.

According to Sports England, the United Kingdom hosts a vibrant sporting community with over one fifth of adults participating in sporting activities weekly. Amid this bustling environment, a promising startup named coachingeasy is revolutionising the way sports coaching is performed. Based in London, coachingeasy integrates technology into sport coaching via their unique Sport Training Management Information System.

Founded by Mounir Alloun, coachingeasy is the result of pooling together diverse experiences and backgrounds in sports, innovation, and technology. Their team is driven by the belief in sharing knowledge and experiences, aiming to provide coaches and athletes with practical tools and solutions that enhance performance and strategy planning.

What differentiates coachingeasy from other sport apps is the seamless application of technology in optimising sports training. Rather than just tracking performance, the app acts as a comprehensive management information system. This allows coaches to record, monitor, and assess an athlete’s training progress, providing an unprecedented level of depth and accuracy in performance evaluation. Furthermore, coachingeasy streamlines communication between coach and athlete, ensuring effective strategy planning and implementation.

Additionally, the app provides a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Its potential to create a community of coaches and athletes differentiates it from its competitors. Thus, it not only modernises sports coaching but also builds a supportive network where coaches and athletes alike can share their experiences and learn from one another.

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Looking ahead, coachingeasy demonstrates vast potential in shaping the future of sports coaching strategies in the United Kingdom and beyond. By providing a consolidated platform for managing training information, alongside fostering a community of shared learning, coachingeasy stands at the frontier of integrating technology and innovation into the sports industry.

In conclusion, will coachingeasy revolutionise UK coaching strategies? The tide seems to be strongly in its favour. Mounir Alloun and his team have combined innovation, sports passion and technology expertise to create a tool that just might reshape the landscape of sports coaching. For more information about coachingeasy, visit their website at or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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