Is This Low-Cost Listen-and-Read App Revolutionising Retail Education?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Xigxag is a non-subscription based app that provides a fully integrated listen-and-read experience,
    making reading more enjoyable, engaging, and long-lasting.
  • With an emphasis on education, information technology, retail and mobile apps, Xigxag lowers barriers to reading, irrespective of age, ability, or background.
  • Xigxag’s unique social and sharing features allow users to engage in shared reading experiences.
  • Xigxag is poised to revolutionise the way we approach retail education.

Deep in the heart of Bodmin, Cornwall, a revolution in retail education is stirring. Meet Xigxag, an affordable listen-and-read application that requires no subscription. Perfect for learners of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, Xigxag’s app bridges the gap between reading and listening, allowing users to fully engage with their chosen texts. The app offers a range of features, making reading a more approachable, engaging and lasting experience.

The company, founded by Kelli Fairbrother and Mark Chaplin, operates at the intersection of education, information technology, retail and mobile apps. Not only are they combining these sectors, but they are doing so with a fresh and accessible approach, disrupting the traditional publishing landscape.

So, what makes Xigxag stand out in a sea of e-learning and e-reader applications? Aside from its unique listen-and-read functionality, the app also offers standout social and sharing features. Users can share quotes, book recommendations, and even send gifts, directly from the app, infusing a much-needed social element into the solitary act of reading. Rather than sticking to a one-way consumption method, Xigxag encourages interaction, engagement, and community building.

Crucially, Xigxag’s non-subscription pricing model lowers barriers to reading. This inclusive model offers accessibility in a market that’s often prohibitive due to subscription fees, making it an attractive option for schools, organisations, and individuals who prioritize affordability while seeking a high-quality reading experience.

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Looking ahead, Xigxag is poised to spur significant shifts in the landscape of retail education. By bringing the magic of books to the masses, regardless of socioeconomic or educational backgrounds, the startup is likely to have a tremendous influence, not only on how we access and consume written content, but also on how we share and interact about various topics.

Stay tuned with Xigxag’s journey by visiting their website or by following them on their social channels: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Whether you’re an avid reader or a casual learner, Xigxag provides an enriching, engaging, and inclusive platform that’s revolutionising the field of retail education.

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