Is This UK Startup Revolutionising How We Interact with Artificial Intelligence?

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Key Takeaways

  • Tenyks is a UK-based startup located in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, leading in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, Image Recognition, and Machine Learning.
  • The startup’s innovative MLOps monitoring and validation platform assists machine learning developers in creating more dependable vision systems.
  • The technology backing Tenyks is based on multiple research projects (two PhD theses and one Master’s thesis) from the University of Cambridge.
  • The startup has potential to revolutionize the way we interact with AI, an increasingly fundamental part of everyday life.


There’s an exciting startup brewing within the prestigious University of Cambridge, a startup that’s leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way we interact with AI. Say hello to Tenyks, a startup operating in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Recognition, and Computer Vision sectors.

Founded by Botty Dimanov, Dmitry Kazhdan, and Maleakhi Wijaya, Tenyks is all set to help AI developers build more reliable vision systems through its MLOps monitoring and validation platform. Ensuring AI safety and reliability, aiming to protect the world from a dystopian, terminator-like future.

Tenyks Differentials

What sets Tenyks apart in the AI industry is its unique MLOps monitoring and validation platform. This platform aids Machine Learning Engineers to diagnose issues with their algorithms and make the necessary corrections swiftly. This means, developers can now build more reliable software faster – a boon to the IT industry where speed and precision are fundamental.

Moreover, the platform is based on years of rigorous research work carried out at the University of Cambridge. The contributions of two PhD theses and a Master’s thesis in Explainable AI form the backbone of the company’s cutting-edge technology.

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Looking Forward

The future looks promising for Tenyks and the AI industry. As technology advances, the interaction between humans and AI is becoming increasingly important. In this reality, the role of Tenyks can’t be overstated. The startup’s mission to help developers build more reliable vision systems will ensure a smoother transition into an era of increased reliance on AI.

As we watch Tenyks’ exciting journey in the world of AI, we look forward to seeing even more groundbreaking solutions. Be sure to stay updated by following Tenyks on Twitter, LinkedIn.

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