Who Are London’s Most Influential Security Startups Revolutionising the Industry?

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The rapidly advancing technology scene in London has given rise to an increase in creative startups. Particularly, the security sector is abundant with innovative ventures aiming to provide cutting-edge solutions to the ever-growing complexities of protecting digital assets and infrastructure. Below are some of London’s most promising security startups.

These companies span across different areas of security, from cyber security and data protection to embedded system programming and IoT. They offer a range of unique solutions designed to tackle both current and emerging security challenges.

Despite operating within the same overarching category of security, these startups are diverse in their approaches. They leverage different technologies and specializations, resulting in an eclectically vibrant startup scene in London. Here’s an insight into some of these remarkable firms.

UCW Industries Ltd.

UCW Industries Ltd. provides services in IoT prototyping, embedded systems programming, custom hardware design, IoT integration, and custom software development. Their focus is on Cloud Computing, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, Enterprise Software, and Web Design. The founders are yet to be publicly identified.

Crydent | Cloud and Support Solutions

Co-founded by Cameron Willer, Crydent provides IT solutions and services, including 24/7 IT support, managed services, and modern cloud solutions to businesses across the UK. The company operates in a myriad of fields including Cloud Infrastructure, IT Infrastructure, and Network Security among others.

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Apomatix is a venture by Cam Keogh-Ly and Vartan Sarkissian. The company developed an active audit management software that audits risks and conducts gap analysis, operating in the fields of Compliance, Cyber Security, and Risk Management.

Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger was co-founded by Laurent Guyot, Nicolas Georges, and Peter Reading. The platform provides a safe and compliant chat service for businesses, operating in fields including Messaging, Security, and SaaS.


IDcheck was founded by Sara Statman. The company provides a SaaS solution for Biometric Screening & KYC. It operates in sectors such as Cyber Security, Identity Management, and Compliance.


Founded by Oz Alashe and Sean Lumley, CybSafe offers a data analytics and behavioral security platform that assists people in making better security decisions. The company’s focus is primarily on Cyber and Network Security.


Björn Hall is the founder of HiddenApp, a B2B SaaS/Security focused IT asset management platform that protects Apple, PC and Chromebook devices. It operates in fields like Asset Management and Cyber Security.


Meterian founded by Bruno Bossola and Vivian Dufour, offers a simple and straightforward way to assess the security of software components. It focuses mainly on Cyber Security and Enterprise Software.


Co-founded by Alistair Jones and Kyle DuPont, Ohalo offers solutions to automate data governance for modern organizations. The company operates in fields like Cyber Security, Machine Learning, and Privacy.

Cyber Covered

Cyber Covered is a web-based insurance company that provides cyber security, data insurance, claims management, and payment services. It operates in fields like Cyber Security, Insurance, and Risk Management.

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DebitShield, a company founded by Daniel Thiel, specializes in website development with an emphasis on Cyber Security.


Founded by Charles Clark, Justin Leary, and Steve Tyrens, Darkbeam is focused on Digital Risk Protection and Cyber Threats, operating in the Information Technology and Security fields.

Smart City Operating System

Smart City Operating System is an Artificial Intelligent centralized IoT automation platform for Smart Homes, Businesses and Nations. Founded by Flynn Robinson, the company operates in fields of AI Security and Smart City solutions.

Drone Defence

Co-founded by Richard Gill, Drone Defence delivers smart secured airspace solutions that enable drones to be used responsibly and safely. It operates in fields like Aerospace, Public Safety and Software.


Goldilock is a company founded by Anthony Hasek, Jarrod Epps, and Stephen Kines. It focuses on Data and Critical Infrastructure Security, operating in fields such as Cyber Security and Data Storage.

These startups are on the cutting edge of security technology, proactively addressing the challenges of the digital age. As they continue to innovate and grow, London maintains its position as a city where security startups can thrive.

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