Leading The Charge for Online Cyber Security Training Innovations?

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Key Takeaways:

  • ArcX is making strides in the online cyber security learning platform industry
  • They offer a range of specific training courses, including Threat Intelligence Training and Penetration Testing Training
  • The future of the startup looks promising, given the increasing demand for cyber security training

Founded by John Smith and Mary Johnson, London-based EdTech start-up, arcX, is poised to revolutionize online cyber security learning. As the business world grapples with growing security threats, arcX steps in to offer a comprehensive suite of training aimed at bringing organizations up to speed with the best strategies to shield their data and systems from harmful exposures.

Described as a ‘CREST approved training provider’, arcX offers such specialized programs as CREST Practitioner Threat Intelligence Analyst, CREST Registered Threat Intelligence Analyst, and CREST Practitioner Security Analyst, among many others. The company’s dedication to producing high quality cyber security professionals is a great boon to the industry.

What differentiates arcX from the crowd is the specificity of their courses. Where other learning platforms may offer more generalised cyber security courses, arcX drills down, offering a comprehensive spread from Penetration Testing to Incident Response Training. This granular focus on cyber security education positions them in good stead to become a leading figure in the field.

In addition, arcX stands out for its accreditation. It maintains various CREST certifications, adding credibility to its curriculum and giving learners confidence that the education they receive is of the highest standard.

Looking ahead, the future for arcX appears promising. With cyber crimes on a constant rise, the demand for qualified cyber security professionals will likely skyrocket, placing arcX in a position of critical importance within the corporate training landscape. The platform seems poised to become a cornerstone for businesses seeking cyber security training.

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