Manchester’s Digital Mavericks: 15 Startups Revolutionizing the Marketing Landscape

Fueling Business Growth through Cutting-Edge Startups.

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Manchester, the vibrant hub of innovation in the United Kingdom, is witnessing an explosion of digital marketing startups that are revolutionizing the industry. These forward-thinking companies are leveraging the power of technology and creativity to drive business growth, enhance brand visibility, and engage customers like never before. In this article, we will explore 15 of the most exciting digital marketing startups in Manchester, UK, showcasing their unique offerings and how they are reshaping the landscape of the industry.

Huddled Tech App Development

Huddled Tech App Development is a pioneering company specializing in Hybrid, iOS, and Android Mobile App and Web App development. With their exceptional expertise, they create cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to clients’ needs, ensuring seamless user experiences across various platforms.

MINT Websites

MINT Websites is a renowned web design agency that crafts stunning and intuitive websites. Their team of creative designers and developers works closely with clients to create visually captivating websites that not only impress visitors but also drive conversions and maximize online presence.

IN Business Ninjas

IN Business Ninjas excels in providing advertising, digital marketing, and content creation strategies that skyrocket sales through the Linkedin platform. With their expertise in creating compelling content and targeted campaigns, they empower businesses to unlock the full potential of this professional networking platform.

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Surface Web Media

Surface Web Media is a prominent web design company dedicated to delivering visually appealing and functional websites. Their focus on user-centric design ensures that clients’ websites effectively communicate their brand message and engage visitors.

Black Bear Digital

Black Bear Digital is a dynamic digital marketing and design agency based in Manchester. They specialize in crafting impactful marketing strategies that captivate audiences, driving brand awareness and customer acquisition. Their comprehensive approach ensures businesses stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Tello Digital

Tello Digital is a results-driven digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. With their expertise in advertising and digital strategies, they craft compelling campaigns that connect brands with their target audiences, driving measurable results.

Brand Love Solutions

Brand Love Solutions is a trusted digital marketing consultancy offering comprehensive solutions to businesses seeking to enhance their online presence. Their strategic approach, combined with their in-depth understanding of the digital landscape, enables businesses to build strong brand identities and engage customers effectively.

Bristow & Hardy

Bristow & Hardy is a digital agency specializing in recruitment marketing. They offer a range of services, including content marketing, brand development, SEO, and more, to help businesses attract and retain top talent through effective digital strategies.

Heavygate Marketing

Heavygate Marketing is dedicated to providing top-notch digital marketing services that drive growth and deliver impactful results. Their comprehensive solutions encompass advertising, digital marketing, and marketing strategies that ensure businesses thrive in the competitive online landscape.

ValueStack Marketing

ValueStack Marketing specializes in digital marketing and social media marketing, helping businesses create engaging online experiences. With their expertise, they leverage social media platforms to amplify brand reach, engage customers, and increase conversions.

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Iceberg Media

Iceberg Media is a prominent service provider of SEO and business marketing strategies. They help businesses navigate the complexities of the digital world, enabling them to reach their target audience effectively and achieve sustainable growth.


Luma is an innovative internet company that offers account management and client communication platforms for businesses. Their technology-driven solutions streamline operations and enhance client interactions, helping businesses improve productivity and customer satisfaction.


Cabana is a prominent digital marketing agency that excels in crafting powerful advertising campaigns. With their expertise in SEM, SEO, and web development, they create comprehensive strategies that elevate brands’ visibility, increase website traffic, and generate valuable leads.

One Day Agency

One Day Agency is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that specializes in brand marketing, lead generation, and social media advertising. They harness the power of multiple channels, including mobile advertising and video advertising, to create impactful campaigns that drive exceptional results.

Eagle Agency

Eagle Agency is a dynamic digital marketing agency focused on delivering exceptional results for their clients. With their expertise in advertising and digital marketing, they help businesses optimize their online presence, enhance brand recognition, and drive revenue growth.


The digital marketing startups in Manchester are shaping the future of the industry, offering innovative solutions to businesses seeking to thrive in the online realm. From app development to web design, from advertising to social media marketing, these startups are revolutionizing the way brands engage with their customers. Their commitment to excellence and creativity is driving business growth and helping Manchester establish itself as a hotbed of digital marketing innovation.

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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these startups will remain at the forefront, pioneering new strategies and technologies to stay ahead of the curve. With their dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results, they are driving the success of businesses and cementing Manchester’s position as a digital marketing powerhouse in the United Kingdom.

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