Redefining Private Tour Services: The Future of B2B Travel Technology?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Travel Curious is redefining the private tour services, offering unique experiences to end-consumers booked through travel companies.
  • The startup differentiates itself by offering fully customizable, private tours delivered by trusted guides.
  • By integrating tours into the customer journey, the hospitality and travel companies can enhance their customer experience and unlock new revenue streams.
  • Travel Curious is aspiring to set a new standard in the B2B travel technology.

Travel Curious is a London-based startup that is striving to revolutionize the way we travel. This company operates in the B2B tourism and travel industry, working as a vertically integrated tours and activities service provider. Unlike the traditional tour providers, Travel Curious owns the end-to-end experience, from creation of tours to their delivery using a network of trusted guides.

Their business model offers a comprehensively different approach to travel where hospitality and travel businesses have the opportunity to integrate unique, private travel experiences directly into their customers’ journey. This provides an added value to their services and creates an additional revenue stream, defining a customer-centric future for the B2B travel technology.

What sets Travel Curious apart is their approach to the tour experience. They offer private, highly engaging tours that can be booked instantly through their partners. Not only does this mean that travel and hospitality companies can offer unique, value-added services, but it also means that the customer gets an unforgettable, bespoke experience that takes their trip to a new level. Truly, this approach brings a vital personalization into the travel industry.

Furthermore, Travel Curious ensures exceptional and memorable experiences. Their network of trusted guides ensures the quality of the experience, and companies have the chance to seamlessly integrate these experiences into their customer journeys. This creates a holistic customer experience, where the travel engagement of customers goes beyond simply accommodation or conveyance.

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The future of Travel Curious, and indeed the industry it operates within, looks bright. As consumer demand for personalized, memorable experiences only grows, Travel Curious seems set to meet and exceed this demand. Their approach of enriching the customer journey not only enhances the customer experience, but also leads to new revenue opportunities for hospitality and travel companies.

This innovative company offers a promising future. With their approach of fully-owning and delivering outstanding experiences – not just tours – they’re enhancing the future of the B2B travel technology. We look forward to seeing what Travel Curious will bring to the table in future.





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