Revolutionising Industrial Engineering: A Deep Dive into Flow Measurement Solutions?

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Key Takeaways:

  • McMenon Engineering Services is a leading player in the Industrial Engineering spectrum, specialising in the production of flow and temperature measurement instrumentation.
  • The company offers complete contract engineering and manufacturing services, including a suite of products like orifice plates, averaging pitot tubes, emission flowgenie, wedge meters, nozzles, venturi tubes, and more.
  • McMenon is committed to delivering high-grade solutions tailored for the demanding needs of the oil and gas industry, including upstream, midstream and downstream application.

UK’s industrial engineering landscape is being revolutionised by a key player – McMenon Engineering Services. With its headquarters nestled in Workington, Cumbria, McMenon stands as a hallmark of quality in the domains of Industrial Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing and Manufacturing. The company thrives on innovation and expertise, creating a lasting impact through its precision-driven flow and temperature measurement solutions.

Pioneered by Anand Puthran, McMenon has established itself as a dependable choice for industries looking for holistic contract engineering and manufacturing services. The company’s state-of-the-art products portfolio fits seamlessly into a range of applications, particularly in the oil and gas industry, thereby promoting streamlined operations and efficiency.

McMenon sets itself apart with the profound understanding of industrial needs and industry-first approach to product development. The company’s extensive product line includes orifice plates, ultrasonic meters, coriolis meters, cone meters, variable area flow meters and more. The versatility and adaptability of these instruments attribute to the company’s striking differential.

Moreover, McMenon’s dedication to maintaining the quality while staying at the forefront of the technological curve demonstrates the company’s commitment towards excellence. The ability to render solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream sites in the oil and gas industry showcases the company’s robustness and capability to withstand demanding environments.

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As we look into the future, McMenon Engineering Services continues to push boundaries in industrial engineering, creating an aura of high-performance solutions that follow strict quality parameters. The evolving industrial needs may pose new challenges, but with McMenon’s engineering prowess and commitment to innovation, the roadmap to futuristic industrial engineering appears promising.

To follow the journey of McMenon Engineering Services, visit their website, or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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