Revolutionising FinTech: How Can Open API Platforms Transform Financial Services?

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Key Takeaways:

  • is a UK-based startup that uses Open API platforms to transform financial services.
  • Offering a platform with a wide spectrum of features that meet the needs of software developers and partner institutions.
  • Founded in 2017, is based in London and works within the Apps, Developer APIs, FinTech, Information Technology, and Software industries.


The fintech industry is always on the lookout for revolutionary ideas that can transform the way we deal with finances. One such innovative idea that has found a sturdy footing within this sector is the introduction of Open API platforms and no one is doing it better than With their open API platform, is harnessing the power of technology to transform the functionality and accessibility of financial services., based in London, is a modern company that works with external developers to create financial services which can be customised to the needs of various companies. It opens a broad array of possibilities for software developers and partner institutions. It allows developers to create adaptations based on the foundational infrastructure and internal processes of FSBT.


What sets apart is its revolutionary open API platform that significantly eases the process of creating modern financial services. Developers can use the established FSBT infrastructure to build services that meet the needs of different companies. Additionally, this allows for endless possibilities to expand the functionality of current services, creating a dynamic symbiosis between and its collaborating developers.

While APIs have been integrated by many fintech companies, takes a step further by creating an open platform that ensures a seamless interaction with third-party software. This adaptability is what allows for the broad spectrum of possibilities that offers in the evolving fintech industry. Hence, with this commitment to open innovation, positions itself as a beacon of digital transformation in financial services.

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As Strides in fintech continue to revolutionise the financial landscape, stands at the forefront with its focus on adaptability, open innovation, and a broad spectrum of service possibilities. The company’s promising future lies in its unique ability to integrate effective functionality with the needs of each company to foster greater financial efficiency and accessibility. indeed represents the potential of how Open API platforms can shape the future of financial services. To stay updated with their progress or to explore potential collaborations, you can connect with on their website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Engage with them as they continue to carve a niche in the fintech industry with their compelling approach to creating customised financial services.

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