Revolutionising Hospitality: How Can Efficient Mobile Payment Transform Industry Interaction?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Leslie is a startup based in London, England, revolutionising hospitality by providing a more efficient way to order, interact and pay for food and drink.
  • The company’s technology, accessible via a QR code on any smartphone, aims to enhance customer experience and streamline the checkout process.
  • Through their innovative approach, Leslie is poised upon changing the dynamics of the hospitality industry.
  • As digitalisation ascends, Leslie’s service holds promising potential for a more convenient future in dining and hospitality.

The recent rise in technological advancements has seen a parallel increase in its adoption in a range of sectors, more noteworthy amongst them is the hospitality industry. In the forefront of this revolution is London based start-up, Leslie. Offering innovative solutions to streamline payments and service ordering, Leslie is gradually reshaping interaction within the hospitality industry.

Accessible through a simple QR code without the need for a separate app, Leslie aims to enhance and simplify the customer experience. Through their digital platform, customers can promptly order, tip, and make payments for their services, circumnavigating the usual time-consuming processes and creating a more efficient dining experience.

Leslie differentiates itself from competitors by its sheer simplicity. The user-friendly nature of Leslie’s technology eliminates the need for downloads and sign-ups, thereby reducing friction for customers and enabling rapid uptake. The firm’s tech consolidates three key services – ordering, tipping, and paying into a single, streamlined system providing a more seamless customer experience.

Furthermore, the offering of Leslie focuses on the customer, but it is not just the end-users who benefit from their technology. Leslie’s technology allows hospitality providers to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and potentially improve their profit margins by eliminating delays associated with traditional payment methods and service requests.

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As we stride further into the digital age, Leslie has positioned itself at the forefront of the hospitality industry’s transformation. With its simple yet effective technology, the startup is poised to transform customer interactions within the hospitality and service industry, thereby making it more agile and user-centred.

The future of hospitality industry seems bright with startups like Leslie steering the wheel. The startup holds great promise in expanding and diversifying its offerings to include more services and capabilities, to provide an even more comprehensive platform.

Find out more about Leslie on their website,, or follow them on their social media platforms: Twitter (, Facebook (, and Linkedin (

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