Revolutionising HR? AI-Assisted Video Interviews Streamline & Fair Recruitment Process

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Key Takeaways:

  • HireStack is a disruptive startup in HR Tech, streamlining candidate evaluation through AI assisted video interviews
  • Based in London, HireStack offers an innovative solution enabling to screen candidates 10x faster
  • HireStack’s AI assists in the formulation of interview questions and sample answers, providing fair and efficient screening

Revolutionising the traditional recruitment process has become a necessity in a world increasingly digitised. Enter HireStack, an innovative London-based startup that disrupts the market with its use of AI-assisted video interviews. Recognising the problems and inefficiencies with scheduled interviews, founders Sam Rees and John Waters have designed a solution that allows hiring managers and recruiters to screen candidates 10x faster than the traditional methods.

Operating at the intersection of Human Resources, Information Technology and Recruiting, HireStack’s platform is aimed at enabling hirers to make more efficient and fair evaluations. Its technology eliminates geographical barriers and unnecessary scheduling, allowing recruiters to review candidates at their convenience and on a timeline that works for them.

What sets HireStack apart in the bustling world of HR startups is its AI-assisted features. The solution offered by the company doesn’t just record video interviews – it provides assistance with interview questions and sample answers. This AI-assist allows for a consistency in screenings, ensuring a fair comparison between candidates, irrespective of when or where interviews take place. Although based out of London, the reach of HireStack extends beyond boundaries, making recruitment a more seamless and inclusive process.

This latest addition to HR technology market is not just about speed, but also fairness and quality. By combining the ease of one-way video interviews with the technological advancements of an AI-assist, HireStack promises a future where the potential for human bias in initial screenings is significantly reduced. A more level playing field matches the right people with the right roles, further supporting the efficiency of the entire recruitment process.

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In an industry ripe for disruption, HireStack is leading the way, demonstrating how technology can be harnessed to reimagine and reform traditional processes. As the HR arena continues to evolve to accommodate remote working and global talent hunting, solutions like HireStack are set to become the norm and not the exception. The future indeed looks promising for this startup.

To stay updated with HireStack’s progress and join in their journey, follow them on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. To understand more about their offer, visit the HireStack website.

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