Which UK Waste Management Startups Are Revolutionising England’s Sustainability?

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Britain’s waste management sector is undergoing a significant transformation due to an intense wave of innovation led by inspiring startups. From cutting-edge AI to sustainably obtained vegan wallets, these startups are redefining the industry’s perception and operation by emphasizing sustainability, substituting plastics, and even rethinking the way construction waste is handled.

This feature digs deeper into the passion, drive, and resourcefulness of 15 of the most engaging waste management startups in England. Each contributes in unique ways to the industry, from battling plastic pollution to enriching the planet’s biodiversity. Let’s jointly take a look at their ventures and the tremors they are leaving in the UK’s waste management space.

Our comprehensive list features companies from different waste management segments – from e-learning platforms encouraging reuse to companies focused on better waste recycling and disposal methods. The highlighted ventures illustrate the diversification in this industry, significantly improving its sustainability.


Founded by Sophie Rochester, Yodomo is revolutionising the world of reuse and recycling. This platform, focusing on craft-making for well-being, provides an engaging approach towards understanding the value of reuse as a means to waste reduction. Yodomo’s ambitions see its operations spanning several industries, including content creation, e-learning, lifestyle, recycling, sustainability, and waste management.


Skrap, founded by Ahmed Rao and Hussain Hilli, is a B2B marketplace aimed at revolutionising the management of construction waste. It offers an exceptional platform for handling bulky materials and equipment hire which is changing the narrative in the construction industry towards a more sustainable and efficient approach.

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BIG Atom

On a mission to end polymer waste is BIG Atom, founded by Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss. They are developing advanced infrastructures for waste management that leads the way in the fields of chemical, environmental, industrial, mechanical engineering, recycling, and the oil and gas industries.


Toraphene, founded by Gaute Juliussen and Ingrid Williams, is a radical step forward in battling plastic pollution. They have developed an innovative and commercially viable substitute for plastic packaging that’s both compostable and biodegradable, proving that sustainability can coexist with convenience.

Planet Tracker

Planet Tracker is a financial think tank focusing on fostering better financial outcomes without upsetting the ecological balance. Through their meticulously researched reports, they are promoting a sustainable financial services sector.


Zessoo is making a statement in the fashion industry by creating eco-conscious and stylish accessories and vegan wallets using leaves, cork, and waste materials. They are pioneering a unique approach in animal feed, fashion, and waste management, emphasizing sustainability.

SEaB Energy

Nick Sassow and Sandra Sassow’s SEaB Energy have patented a unique micro anaerobic digestion system. This system focuses on the on-site and in-building conversion of organics into energy, water, and fertiliser. Their innovative efforts contribute to clean energy, renewable energy, and waste management.

Rubbish Removal Scrap Metal Collection Recycle your Waste London

This waste management company ensures safe and effective disposal of scrap metals and other waste materials in and around London. Their inclusive services make waste management and recycling accessible for all London residents.


Founded by Arun Sri and Augustus Uadiale, SafeEnviro makes use of innovative technology to support waste management. They combine blockchain, environmental consulting, recycling, and sustainability to offer a fresh perspective in managing waste.

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Basecamp Research

A novel venture by Glen Gowers and Oliver Vince, Basecamp Research uses environmental genomic data to work towards a sustainable future. They are showcasing how bioinformatics, biometrics, biotechnology, sustainability, and waste management can collaborate to enhance biodiversity.


CorNatural, founded by Paulo Puterman and Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro, specializes in the development of bio-based sustainable products. They are making significant strides in biotechnology, natural resources, recycling, sustainability, and waste management.


SortFlow, a software solution that aids the waste and recycling sector in their operations. This fintech startup helps in designing, modelling, and testing waste recovery and recycling processes.

Greenback Recycling Technologies

An initiative by Philippe G. von Stauffenberg, Greenback Recycling Technologies is an environmental engineering company offering waste collection and plastic recycling services. They are serving the sectors of industrial, professional services, recycling, and waste management.


Greyparrot, founded by Ambarish Mitra, Marco Paladini, and Mikela Druckman, provides an AI waste analytics platform targeting the circular economy. Their innovative solutions also extend to analytics, artificial intelligence, B2B, computer vision, IT, machine learning, recycling, software, and waste management.

DeepWaters AI

DeepWaters AI, an initiative by Ahmed Maqbool and Massoud Maqbool, uses satellite data and AI to detect underground drinking water and pipe leaks. They offer their expertise in artificial intelligence, IT, oil and gas, waste management, and water to ensure efficient resource usage.

Driven by ingenuity, these startups are solidifying the UK’s position as a global leader in sustainable waste management. Each is tackling waste management’s daunting challenges head-on and paving the path for the rest of the globe.

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